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Faizan Patankar
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This is an interview, I asked for, with Thato. david brown, david brown graduate job, internship at david brown Thato and I did our B.Eng (with industry) together. After graduation, he has started working with David Brown, carrying on from the year-in-industry placement he did there. Apart from being a good mate, the other reason for this interview is that Thato was one of the very very few guys who stuck to getting an internship and did a lot of running around to get one. I am just glad he has taken the time out to give me this interview.

CareerGeek (Interviewer): So, Thato, usual question, how did you get a job with David Brown?

Thato: I applied for internships in 2009 through YINI organization. They called me for a phone interview and then I was called for a final interview. We had a group discussion, individual presentation, and an individual interview. I was successful and got the internship and when I finished my internship, the company decided to offer me a graduate job.

CareerGeek: That’s cool, so you got the job after judging your performance at the internship. I assume YINI was quite helpful?

Thato: I registered with YINI when I was looking for an internship. So yes, it was useful because they were able to find me companies that were interested in my field.

Careergeek: Yeah they are quite good at Science and Engineering placements. (Read more about YINI in my other post). So, how was your interview and what made you click?

Thato: It’s how I answered the questions they were asking me. I was clear and to the point. When I needed to elaborate more, I took my time. Being realistic is one of the best things to do when answering questions and saying the same thing you wrote on your CV. When asked what changes you will bring to the company, make sure you have done good research and your answers should be relevant to what the company does.

CareerGeek: Good information, I often find some students who lack in their background research. Before we finish, what advice would you give to those students looking for an internship or year-in-industry placement?

Thato: Keep applying and give your best for each and every interview you go to. Remember, to be chosen you need to stand out of the crowd. The interview is about selling yourself to a company, so put yourself in the best position for them not to turn you down. It all starts from you CV and what kind of a person you are.

CareerGeek: Thanks a lot Thato. I hope you keep helping people with information, as you have always done, and good luck with your job.

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