Fighting Poverty With Entrepreneurship: See How Balloon Kenya Does It

balloon kenya

Balloon Kenya is a social enterprise that strives to defeat poverty through entrepreneurship by teaming up young people from the UK with young people from Kenya in order to create new businesses to provide jobs and improve lives.

How Does Balloon Kenya Work?

Balloon Kenya brings exceptional young people from around the world to work in Kenya for 6 weeks with budding local entrepreneurs. Together, these international teams imagine, test and refine new business ideas. They then fund the best of these ideas and help  Kenyan businesses grow. Balloon Kenya believes that supporting youth entrepreneurship is the most sustainable way to tackle poverty and create change.

There is so much you get to learn as well. Thinking of an idea and bringing it to life is every entrepreneur’s dream and to know that dream is going to help someone fight poverty in Kenya is a pretty cool feeling.

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What Has Balloon Kenya Done?

Balloon Kenya has already worked with some truly inspirational young people. From Germany to India, America to England, Israel to Kenya, their 2012 cohort exceeded all expectations, and thanks to their hard work and drive, they’ve achieved some great things.

To see a full list of case studies and more information of what Balloon Kenya does, and what you can get from it, you should visit the Balloon Kenya website.

If you want to apply to Balloon Kenya, then the deadline for the first programme is 18th of March, which is today… I know a bit late telling you today, but hey, don’t be disappointed as the second programme is running from 10th August to 22nd September 2013, so you might want to put this in your calendar.

And you can always send Balloon Kenya an email and speak to them – who knows, your enthusiasm might just lead to something 🙂