Exploring The downside of Working Remote

Unsurprising to most, the trend of working from home (ie: remote) is on the rise.

Although remote jobs are really nothing new, many employers who were initially hesitant to go this route are finally releasing all the perks of letting their employees work from home.

Most remote workers work in their own field, however there are also more and more people who try to pursue a work at home job in another profitable industry than their own. Remote jobs are a dream outcome for some people, while for other people it does not work out at all.

Working at home has both advantages and disadvantages which you should consider before deciding if this trend might be for you. Most of the time the advantages are widely discussed and known.

In this blog post the downside of remote jobs will be stated.

1) Homeworkers cannot get together

Home workers have small social contact with their colleagues and that can be very annoying if you take your energy out of the presence of others. Home workers mostly communicate via written messages but of course also conference calls.

2) Remote workers might miss promotion opportunities

It is shown that in many cases people who have online jobs tend to get less promoted than people who work at the office. A likely explanation for this is that your boss sees you less and therefor you might not get considered as much.

3) Some remote workers find it hard to split their personal life from the job

Every advantage has a downside. If you work from home, it is less easy to say when you work and when it is time to stop.

Because of this it is very important to make a clear distinction between work and private life Set limits for yourself and maintain fixed working hours.

4) Home workers are judged harder

Overall, remote workers experience more pressure from the job. If you did not you meet your deadline, even though you have made a lot of hours to reach it, you will probably get judged harder because you employer does not know how hard you have been working.

He or she might even think that you did not work hard enough.

5) Working from home itself could be the problem

The problem for the dissatisfaction for many homeworkers is their workplace at home. If you do not have an office-like room in which you can work peacefully it is hard to concentrate and get work done. Think for example of working in a room with your children.

In the end, consider carefully the pros and cons of working remote, and determine what’s best for you or your organization.

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