Exciting Jobs That Leave Deskwork Behind

If you are looking for an exciting job, where do you start? Well, it depends on what you consider “exciting” to be. You can be a travel agent, and get to see exotic locals and beautiful beaches. Or, you can be a nature guide and lead people into the Alaskan wilderness – just be sure to lead them back out! So, what exactly would I change my career to if I could?


Yes, detective work is probably my favorite. A lot of what you’ll do will be gathering information and researching, gone are the days of wondering around with a magnifying glass and a trench coat. The internet is used frequently in investigations; crime scene investigation work is also a big factor in the more morbid circumstances. I just think it would be exciting to try to prove people have committed a crime. There’s also an element of danger. And, after all, isn’t one of the characteristics of excitement an element of danger?

Most commonly, detectives are dealing with criminals.  As a detective, you’ll have contracts with your client. You can expect to make about $60,000 a year, and if you’re in the right country you could also carry a gun.

Close Protection services

That would be “bodyguard”. But, it’s really a little more than shouting “make a hole” to the paparazzi as the garage band leaves the stage. There are many war torn countries in the world that see assassinations on almost a daily basis. If you are a close protection officer, you’ll need militaristic training to know how to protect your client, whether he is a diplomat, politician, oil baron, or businessman. This is a dangerous life, but pays well. The more gunfire you can face, the more money you’ll make.


Flying an airplane is, perhaps, one of the most exciting experiences a person can have. So, if you’re looking for an exciting job, consider becoming an airline pilot. When you’re a pilot, you can not only earn up to $100,000 a year, but your family can get travel discounts. Don’t give up on that dream of reaching the stars – you can take a passenger jet and still get there!


Join the military. Being a soldier is one of the most exciting – and dangerous – careers in the world. If excitement to you means danger, irregular hours, and not-a-desk-job, then being a soldier may be just the thing.

Of course, there are many other jobs out there that offer an element of danger, or closeness with nature, or irregular hours. There are also plenty of jobs that keep you out from behind a desk. These 4, however, are exciting jobs you can have that actually pay pretty well.


Josh currently works for a security recruiting company in the UK. After travelling for years he has now settled in a lovely seaside town where he writes in his spare time.