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Engineering Staffing Firms Save Money And Deliver Qualified Job Candidates

Business owners will agree that in-house hiring can be a tedious process

From the absence of efficient recruiting technologies to lack of time, there can be several reasons hampering the recruiting process at your engineering firm.

But outsourcing this job to a reliable engineering staffing firm can be of great help.

As the name suggests, these firms essentially hire the required staff on your behalf while providing several benefits.

Dive in to know more about them!

Top 5 Benefits Of Hiring An Engineering Staffing Firm

1. It Saves Time

Whether you’re planning to hire engineers for part-time or full-time roles, time is of the essence in most cases. And an engineering staffing company can help you save just that.

Your in-house recruitment team may often take weeks or even months to just shortlist the most desirable candidates, let alone conduct the interviews and complete the hiring process.

In contrast, the high-level expertise of the engineering recruiters at a staffing company can help you find ideal candidates within a reasonable period.

This is primarily because the staffing consultants have a thorough knowledge of the best hiring practices, employment trends, and the job market in general.

Simply put, they are equipped with all the know-how to reach out to the best candidates according to the job role.

Likewise, they usually score high when it comes to salary negotiations and setting career expectations.

Moreover, unlike your in-house recruitment team, staffing companies don’t generally deal with hundreds of applications for a post.

They approach a target set of candidates who fit different job roles, which reduces the complexity of the hiring process to a great extent.

2. It Has A Better Network

Because engineering staffing firms specialize in, well, recruiting engineers for different roles, they have access to a better candidate network than your in-office recruitment team.

As a result, you can save a lot of effort that would’ve otherwise gone into streamlining the hiring process.

Picture this: your engineering firm needs to hire an engineer for an urgent short-term project.

However, the recruitment team will still need to go through the following (usually time-consuming) steps:

  • Advertising the opening in different channels
  • Shortlist applications
  • Conduct interviews
  • Verify documents
  • Create and process employment documents
  • Ensure smooth onboarding

Executing so many tasks, especially for a comparatively short-term role, can be extremely overwhelming for your staff, not to mention the financial burden it adds.

However, staffing agencies have already established relationships with potential candidates they deem qualified and reliable after proper vetting.

This allows them to directly tap candidates who match the job requirements and can join within the given deadline.

Plus, different recruiting consultants may specialize in different job positions, meaning they have access to a wide network of candidates with a diverse range of qualifications, skills, and expertise.

Hence, employers can even hire for multiple roles at once without investing a lot of time or money.

3. It Can Help Reduce “New Hire Turnover”

One of the most common problems that employers face across industries is high new hire turnover rates (or new recruits resigning within the first year).

This can add significantly to the company’s expenses in terms of training and providing the required resources for the job.

When employers choose to hire temporary employees via recruiting agencies, they can avail a “trial period” to gauge employee performance on different parameters before offering them a permanent position.

As a result, there are fewer chances of employers dealing with staff leaving shortly after being hired.

4. It Reduces Your Recruitment Budget

By hiring an engineering staffing firm, business owners can avail significant savings on their overall recruitment budget.

The fees charged by a recruiting agency can take different forms (like a percentage of the employee’s paycheck), but they are almost always less than the in-house recruitment costs.

Moreover, the agency may offer discounted fees for mass recruitment.

Small businesses, in particular, benefit the most from outsourcing recruitment to staffing agencies, thereby getting highly qualified engineers at incredible cost savings.

Furthermore, as your business grows, you may need to expand your in-house recruitment team, which essentially adds to the overall business expenditure.

But a staffing agency usually doesn’t hike its fees frequently, so you can continue hiring the best talent without paying anything extra!

Most importantly, you pay only when you’re availing the services of the agency to recruit staff.

This is an advantage in times when your business may not be doing well, as you don’t have to spend on the salaries of the recruitment team members.

5. It Helps Prioritize “Soft Skills”

While there’s no denying that qualifications and expertise are of paramount importance, the “soft skills” cannot be ignored either.

For example, you’d want engineers who communicate well and are team players, especially if they’re required to work in a team. And these qualities may not be possible to gauge with just a couple of interviews in your office.

However, the expert consultants at engineering staffing agencies know how to detect the soft skills required to succeed in the role.

As they deal with hundreds of candidates, they are relatively better equipped to judge them on different parameters of the job role, irrespective of how short the hiring deadline is.

Staffing Agencies For A Solid Workforce

Although the benefits of an engineering staffing agency are many, an employer needs to choose the right one to avail most or all of them.

We’d recommend conducting proper research to ensure that the said firm has a thorough understanding of the skills required for the role as well as the job market in general.

At the same time, it should have a diverse and strong network with not just potential candidates but with established companies as well.

Remember that the best engineers engage with only those agencies that can provide them with quality placement opportunities.

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