Why Should Your Company Hold an Educational Webcast?

Written by Jaken Anderson

Finding ways to connect with consumers on a more personal, intimate level has always been one of the most difficult challenges for brands. However, as our technologies become more advanced, more effective opportunities are opening up, which modern brands can utilize to connect and interact with consumers. One such way is the educational webcast, in which brands host online events for people to get involved, learn or simply enjoy from the comfort of their home. Many brands also take this further and hire out convention centers and other communal locations, to broadcast educational or entertaining streams to many people at a time – often in multiple locations for greater effect.

So allow us to share some insight into why you should be utilizing educational webcasts, as well as what kinds of benefits you can expect to enjoy.

Cutting Through the Clutter of Conventional Advertising


Let’s face it; advertising is not pretty – or very effective – when it’s cluttered on every wall, around every lamp post, and on every large vehicle in sight. As such, many consumers are learning to simply ignore this mass of clutter, and focus only on what manages to catch their attention or intrigue them. This is why educational webcasts are so valuable in our modern, cluttered world, as it cuts through the plethora of typical advertising. Rather than simply telling people about your brand, as Forbes expresses, educational webcasts nurture more meaningful brand-consumer relationships and ensures that your brand is not simply a company, but a trustworthy identity.

These kinds of events also offer the advantage of being mutually beneficial – where both your brand and the consumer can gain value from the experience – and consumers can respect the amount of effort you are going through to connect with them. And while viewers are learning and enjoying self-improvement and enlightenment, you are gaining loyal ambassadors who will be eager to trust and invest in your brand.

Boost your Brand’s Credibility

One of the best ways to show your customers that you not only understand your industry, but have actually mastered it, is to actually teach what you practice. By doing so, you instantly become a far more reputable and trusted source for both information as well as products or services. This is one of the most valuable benefits that educational webcasting can offer, as it eliminates any potential doubts in consumer’ minds about whether your products or services are actually reliable. Instead, you can become the industry leader, simply by proving that you have the skills, capabilities and expertise within your business to both walk the walk, as well as talk the talk.

Just be sure, however, that you utilize a quality large scale webcasting platform from a reputable service provider like BlueJeans Network, so that your brand’s moment to prove itself happens without any kinds of technical failure. Additionally, be sure to practice the event beforehand, and be more than 100% ready for any problems that could arise. You will only have one chance to show viewers that your webcasts are worth coming back for, so you certainly don’t a trivial issue, such as faulty sound equipment or low bandwidth, to jeopardize this prime opportunity.

Improve your Corporate Social Responsibility Factor

Finally, while corporate social responsibility is not as socially important as it was only 10 years ago, at the time when it was the buzz-word for concerned consumers, it still offers a fair amount of benefits. Primarily, consumers take interest when brands are investing in more than simply profits and begin to give back to the community. It shows that the brand is not some faceless entity that is just after the contents of consumers’ wallets, but that it actually does care about the world, the people who live on it, as well as promoting an enjoyable home for us all to live.

In addition to that, as HubSpot shares, corporate social responsibility can also be utilized very effectively in marketing strategies, in which you leverage it to show people the potential personal connection they could enjoy with your brand. And while many people believe that marketing should be entirely fact-based, with credibility being awarded to the better quality product or service, the truth is that effective marketing is achieved by forming emotional, personal connections between brands and consumers. So never underestimate or be afraid to invest in corporate social responsibility, as it offers these, as well as more, great benefits for both your brand and the community.

So now you can see why many brands are taking advantage of large scale educational webcasts to enhance their reach, grow their market share and create valuable ambassadors. Not only does it offer healthy, mutually beneficial brand-consumer experiences, but it is also extremely affordable, since all you need is the basic equipment, the expertise – which you already have – and a reliable service provider.

About Author: Jaken Anderson is a full-time technology blogger and a die hard fan of Startrek. Love to travel and spend time with friends on weekends. Live long, and prosper.

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About the author

Jaken Anderson

Jaken Anderson is a full-time technology blogger and a die hard fan of Startrek. Love to travel and spend time with friends on weekends. Live long, and prosper.