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Dressing To Impress At An Interview

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Written by Laura Brandon

Hi readers! This post was requested by Career Geek, so I’m hoping it will help a lot of you out! Also, just a quick update on things with me in general – my business is well and truly set up now, and getting busy for Christmas orders! If you want to check it out, please visit my Facebook page! I’m also setting up a new fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog, as I feel my old blog has got a bit cluttered, etc., and for reasons I shall explain on my next post, so stay tuned for that.

Dressing for any job interview is daunting; no matter what industry you aim to be in. However, when the particular interview happens to be for a fashion job, your outfit becomes a whole new dilemma. If you follow these key styling tips, though, you should be alright!

Always dress for the job you are applying for!

Simple enough, right? If you’re applying for an office job or a job where you may have to wear some kind of suit every day – keep it smart, tailored and not too flashy. However, if you’re applying for a more creative job, you can a be a little more relaxed. Same goes if you’re applying for an internship position – don’t dress too stuffy, but don’t be too casual, either.

Make your outfit your own

If you are wearing a suit, make sure you make it your own in terms of accessories. Pick things that represent your personality and style. A chunky statement necklace or a quirky bag will keep the look smart but also make you stand out a little. Gentlemen, go for a different coloured tie or shirt. Don’t blend in, but try not to overdo it; there’s a very fine line.

Don’t go crazy with colours and patterns

Yes, they will make you stand out but for all the wrong reasons. Nobody likes to look like they are trying too hard, and clashing crazy colours and patterns will definitely do that. Go for more subtle shades, to add a bit of life to your outfit but still keep it smart.

Blazers are amazing; a casual every-day outfit looks instantly smarter if you add a blazer. And don’t just go for black; try more understated shades like navy or burgundy. Again, it won’t be too bright, but will make you stand out.

Wear something you feel comfortable in; if you don’t, it will show and you’ll probably be twice as nervous.

If you’re taking something with you, keep it sleek

If you have to take something with you (i.e. a diary or a portfolio), keep it sleek and smart with plain colours (also make sure to wipe your portfolio down with a wet cloth before you go in!). Bright patterned portfolios might be fun to take to uni but at an interview it may look a little childish.


don’t go overboard! Don’t wear too much make up, heels that are too high or a skirt that is too short. You’re going to an interview, not clubbing.


trainers are a big no no; keep your shoes smart and polished!  Also, don’t go overboard on the aftershave!

Last but not least, smile!

Be friendly, enthusiastic and get stuck in. It may seem scary at first, but it’s not that bad; just answer questions honestly, maintain eye contact and ask lots of questions about the job you are going for. Also make sure you do your research before you go, and demonstrate a knowledge of the company.

I hope this helps! And if you are still a little stuck, feel free to tweet me @misslaurameow or email me at lauracbrandon@yahoo.com and I’ll be happy to help you style something up.

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Laura Brandon

Laura is a 24 year old Fashion Studies graduate, currently running a small fashion illustration business. Check it out here - www.facebook.com/polkadotteapotdesigns . She also has a life style blog talking about everything from beauty and fashion, to relationships and life in general. Visit the blog here - www.polkadotteapotblog.wordpress.com

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  • Nice post.I think dressing sense is very important for those whose apply for their first.
    Because first impression is last impression!