DO’s and DON’Ts to Keep your Career Moving Forward

Whether you’re new at your job or you’ve been there for years, it’s definite that you’re aiming for progress in the work setting.

In a company of a hundred or more employees, how would you get noticed? In a job where you all do the same tasks; how would you excel?

Check out our 7 tips below:

1. DO work hard.

Whatever your task on-hand is, give it your best. A short break here and there is cool, but make sure that you are giving your employer your best work for the amount of time that you are being paid for. Also, think of every task as an opportunity to grow.

2. DON’T be late.

Punctuality is essential in any kind of job, regardless if you’re new or tenured. Being punctual shows that you care about your job and you care about the company. Furthermore, being punctual at all times tells your boss and colleagues that you are a professional and you mean business when you come to work.

3. DO be positive.

Being positive is contagious. Whether you’re the boss or just an average Joe, if you demonstrate positivity at all times, you could influence your colleagues and thus promote improved camaraderie and of course better work outputs.

With positivity, your team would also be better in terms of handling crises.

4. DON’T be left out.

Consider trends and innovations in handling your job.

As often said, change is the only constant thing in the world. Thus, you must be updated with current trends in your industry. Perhaps there are better and innovative ways in completing your current tasks.

If the innovations and trends would lead to improved outputs and better productivity, then there’s no reason not to try it, right?

5. DO be flexible.

Employers appreciate employees who are flexible in terms of doing work related tasks. Flexibility sends a message that you are a reliable employee and thus a true asset to the company. Offer help once in a while. Take an extra task here and there to show not only that you care, but also that you are capable.

6. DON’T complain.

Are they giving you too much tasks? Yes, once tired, people tend to complain. However, if you look the other way, they’re giving all those tasks to you because they believe you can do them.

Your boss won’t assign you tasks if he or she is not confident that you would be capable of completing it with a touch of excellence.

7. DO be thankful.

Be thankful that you have a job. The truth is that we all need jobs, and lots of people would be lining up for your job if ever you give up your slot. So, instead on focusing on the negative aspects of your job, if there are any, focus on the bright side.

Be thankful for your great colleagues, be thankful for your boss, be thankful for your workload. With thankfulness, you would tend to accomplish tasks with a happier mindset, in effect you’d be having better outputs which could help you get that promotion you’re yearning for.