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The Dos And Don’ts When Applying For Your First Job

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Written by Richard White

There’s a first time for everything and getting a job is no exception. Recent graduates may become overwhelmed when they’re trying to get their first job but they must understand the thin line between the real world and their college/university life. This is not the time to take extended vacations or become a couch potato. It is the time to develop themselves and stand out from the competition.

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Leaving the comfort zone of education and making a shift from campus to career could be quite a challenge initially.  However, the tips, skills and tricks learnt during those days will not go in vain.

As you have to compete with other experienced workers in this tough market, employers will not take the time to give you a second chance. So here are a few important tips to help you handle your first job application and start in a new role or company.

Do boast your skills

Presenting confidence in your skills, experience and qualities within your career, as well as education, is highly recommended. This is required especially when it comes to getting your foot in the door and submitting your cover letter and resume. In this competitive world, recruiters always look for confident and skilled candidates that they can rely on. Your personal statement shows what makes you a better candidate than the next student and your job application should be no different.

Don’t fill your application with clichés

Your potential employer is likely to despise clichés. He/she has most probably become bored of phrases like, “I am an excellent listener” or “I am an enthusiastic individual”. Instead of using these clichés, why not use your experience to reflect the qualities that can make you a success?

Discuss those circumstances where you have gone that extra mile to prove your potential. Talk about an instance that clearly shows your passion for the industry you wish to progress in.

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Do share your personal experience

It is not just the professional experiences that make an application stand out from the crowd. How you confronted challenging situations in your personal life can offer the perfect anecdote for an application and show the real person in you. However, make sure that you don’t share your entire life story. Instead, use those experiences that demonstrate what has influenced your professional progression and made you a better and stronger person.

Don’t tell porkies

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Although it is crucial to show your skills, telling lies or making wild claims about your qualifications and experience is a step too far to and can make you land up in trouble. Be true to yourself and remember that all the information in your application would be verified by the authorized person of the organization.

Do learn new skills

This is the right time to learn new skills and expand your skill-set.  Developing new skills will increase your job opportunities and make you more appealing to employers. It is a good idea to look for good job listings and see if there are certain skills required that you could develop. Learning these skills will certainly open the doors to those dream positions.

Don’t stay away from the industry trends

It is important to be aware of the changes in your industry, especially the ever-changing worlds of news and technology. In some cases employers might ask about current events and industry trends to see whether you are up-to-date. That knowledge would not only help in the interview process but also prepare you for work in the industry.

Be confident to be the individual you are

While you are crafting the best personal statement for your job application, the aim at this point should be to sell yourself. However, when you’re trying to sell yourself, don’t forget to be true to your personality. Do not pretend to be a different person. For instance, if you are known for your humour, that should be reflected in your application. Putting your true personality on paper and in your professional experience is the key to success, especially when filling in applications for your first job.

Getting hired starts with the right job application. If you do not take that seriously, I am sure you will also not take your job seriously. Trust me, it makes a difference!

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