DormStory: Lack of free speech at Students Union, Free Food + Bathtub Curve


1. No Bees On Harvard University

This isn’t a story of environment. But rather that Harvard has officially banned s*x between undergraduates and teachers. I would like to imagine the scenario when this was announced to the staff and asked if anyone had any objection – who if any would’ve put their hands up to object? Probably none.

However, if you still want to date your professor here’s the advice University of California gives, “The best time to date your professor, if at all, is after you have graduated from school”

+ TheGuardian: Harvard officially bans s*x between undergraduate students and teachers

2. Naming and shaming universities for international fee law

As an international student, this gives me a good sleep at night. It’s common practice for UK universities to increase international fees year on year – which isn’t made clear at the time of admission and planning student finances.

My fees started at £10,000 the first year and by the time I was in my third year I was paying £12,000 – when you are an international student working via loans from banks, this increase makes your life worse.

Now Which? via a FOI have named and shamed universities they found to have broken international fee guidance.

Dear Which?, I love you man.

+WONKHE: Universities castigated for breaking the law

3. Free Food v/s Phone Use In Class

Thousands of students in US are being bribed to ignore their phones in class with free food and store discounts.

This is a good idea. Not the bribe bit, no I am not encouraging that. But atleast the colleges are trying something better!

Now, I only hope they aren’t bribing students with junk food. Which means, don’t use your phone, but we will also take a few years of your life away feeding you free junk food. Considering it’s US, I would be surprised if it is not junk food!

+ TheVerge: US colleges offer free food to students who ignore their phones in class

4. Tech disrupts everything, now it turns to education

Over the past few years, tech startups have genuinely disrupted the norm. Whether that is good or bad is an individual opinion. And this disruption is born from one thought every techie ever had “If that’s all it does, then I can do this better” and from there spring another service to make our lives easier.

Now, these techies are looking at education and their kids and more are moving towards the homeschooling trend.

They are literally hacking education by homeschooling their kids.

5. Freedom of Speech or lack of it

80% of UK higher education institutions routinely routinely restrict students’ free speech and expression in some way.

Essentially you can’t say <CENSORED> because university does not allow <CENSORED> to say <CENSORED>. At this moment I can claim that <CENSORED> did <CENSORED> but seen by <CENSORED><CENSORED><CENSORED>.

Yeah, that’s how freedom of speech works on university campuses. And Student Unions play their part in <CENSORED>.

+TheConversation: New ranking exposes curbs on university freedom of speech

6. Your Career In A Bathtub Curve

You may feel you can’t handle it, but most of the times it takes some time to settle in. So remember, whenever you start in a new role or company, you are at the start of bathtub curve and your feeling of this is a failed move will reduce over time.

Faizan Patankar: Apply the Bathtub Curve to Your Career To Know When To Leave (Read more…)


Faizan, Story Teller @Career_Geek

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