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DormStory: Money Back Guarantee At University, Kissing In University Promotion Video


1. New Greece, Moulded by British Universities

As Europe look at itself and it’s money after the win of Syriza in Greece, let’s look at where these smart kids popped up from. Surprisingly, you will find that the current crop of Greek intellectuals running the country studied at UK universities.

+ TheGuardian: “A lesser known story of Syriza’s rise, however, has been the role played by a sizeable number of Greek intellectuals based now or previously at British universities – some of whom have been catapulted from academia to senior positions of power in Greece’s new government.” Read more…


2. Money Back Guarantee For University Degree

Pass your degree or get a refund. Is what University of West Scotland is looking at.

UWS is a publicly-funded university looking at introducing a rebate system for fee-paying students, who fail to complete their degrees.

Of course, I am sure there will be the usual 500 page T&C’s apply document (which most students won’t read!)

Still, what next? Mix and Match your course or 2 for the price of one for family members at university?

+TheTelegraph: University could offer to refund students who fail their degrees.


3. Improve your students’ digital experiences

When it comes to eCommerce, everything is digital. 

Today’s world is digital.

And yet, the student experience is still one of old school bureaucracy. You shouldn’t overdo digital literacy. Some human interaction is required. However universities don’t digitalise near enough resources for their benefit of their customers (a.k.a. students)

+JISC:  has identified almost 50 exemplars of effective practice in support of students’ digital experiences. The exemplars have been written up with the support of the staff (and in some cases students) involved.


4. Super Bowl and University of Phoenix and $154M

Super Bowl is a US event. That’s all you need to know. And when millions of people are watching, there is big money exchanging hands in the Advertising department!

This year’s Super Bowl final game is played in University of Phoenix Stadium. In 2006 UOP paid $154m to have the naming rights to a stadium (for 20 years) close to it’s university.

At that time it did not even have a sports team!

Purely a marketing ploy, it is reaping benefits. Interestingly, UOP is a for-profit university owned by Apollo, which also owns the for-profit BPP in the UK.

Will we have the Wembley branded as BPP Stadium at some point? I don’t want to start rumors.


5. Making Out In Library As Part Of University Promotion Video

Not sure what to make of this.

Université de Moncton’s promotion video shows two students kissing in a library. I’ve never seen this before and when you see it, with the voice over in french, you seriously question whether I feel encouraged or embarrassed.

Yet, we’ve got to agree, brave move.

+HuffPo: The Université de Moncton in Canada has left a few mouths agape after it released its promotional video which features (you may wish to take a seat) KISSING.

6. Social Media Checklist Template For Your Business

Any business doing social media marketing needs a checklist. And it should cover all aspects of social media marketing, including creating content and promoting it across various social media channels.

Here’s a social media checklist template in the form of an infographic.

Faizan, Story Teller @Career_Geek

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