DormStory: Gap Year In North Korea, Job Of The Day


1. World’s First Confirmed Sexual Harassment Case via MOOC platform

US colleges have had a bad press with sexual harassment at colleges. However who would have thought that sexual harassment would still prevail even if the student was not on the campus.

This case casts the question, who oversees the MOOC platform through which universities offer their MOOCs.

+ Inside Higher Ed: “The harassment, however, “started day one,” Harbi said. Eventually, she said she discovered she was one of many women, which MIT confirmed.” A cruel story of how sexual harassment started through a MOOC course.

2. UK University Tuition Fee A Proven Bait

Seems like, tinkering with the tuition fees is a bait any politician would offer to get student support. In 2010 the Lib Dems played the “no-tuition fee” card. And tuition fees shot up by 300% as soon as they came into sharing power.

Now, Ed Miliband is rumored to be working on an eye-catching policy of reducing tuition fees to £6000 from current £9000.

Be scared, we all know what happened the previous time a politician tried to tinker with tuition fee.

+ BBC: Ed Miliband, wants to next month announce an eye-catching policy of cutting maximum university fees for students by a third, from £9,000 to £6,000.

3. King’s College Was Rebranding, who knew?

King’s College London wanted to rebrand itself as King’s London. One of the reasons was because the term “College” caused “considerable confusion” amongst parents and potential applicants. Yes, in that sense King’s London would make more sense is it?

+ THE: King’s College London drops rebrand plan 

+ 10 Biggest Rebranding Failures, Royal Mail gets a mention too!

4. Gap Year In North Korea: Surely A Selling Point!

+HuffPo: Love teaching and want a quiet time? You might want to add North Korea on the job search list. The secretive country is looking for foreign volunteer teachers.

The cost? £765 which includes travel, accommodation and excursions.

There is no way, I can sell this any further. For £765 you can get a TV and PS4. Try that instead.

5. Beautiful Libraries Around The World

I love libraries, they have books. You know what books do? They enlighten… however, it seems, printing currency on paper has more value that printing words on paper.

As UK libraries face the chop in an effort to “save costs” let’s still see some beautiful libraries elsewhere.

+ Guardian: University Library of the 21st Centuries in photos.

Faizan, Story Teller @Career_Geek

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