DormStory: 10 Readworthy Stories In Education and Employment


1. Part-timers Where Art Thou ?

Is a question being asked of part time students. Since 2012 when fees in the UK were increased to £9000 / year, part-time enrollment has fallen by a whooping 22%.

+ China leads in Non-EU student enrollments at 90,000, however Indian students look elsewhere leading to a 12% fall.


2. Vice-Chancellor Bucket List

There isn’t much any University VC misses out on, however, that does not stop them from making more wishlists. 10 VCs share their expectations for 2015 party manifestos. Oh Election, haven’t we missed you!

+ Whilst the bankers get hammered, VCs quietly earn more moolah.


3. Top 20 Universities By Graduate Salaries

In the real world, only one thing matters – how much will I earn? Leaving all top 20 lists aside, this list shows top 20 universities where graduate salaries are highest (figure is average earning within five years of leaving the institution).

+ Starting to stack shelves could net graduates £42,000.


4. Dear MOOC, do we have a problem?


MOOC are not yet profitable and that’s because of the grey area of branding and grading. For e.g. what does a “MOOC certificate from Harvard” actually mean? The University does not want to credit it officially, and employers don’t want to accept it as a formal certificate.

And herein lies the sub-plot of MOOC problems, grading and branding (or the lack of it).


5. Vetting A Dean Dean’s Communication

Head of Swansea University’s School of Management is having all his student communication vetted by university + students’ union.


For saying stuff like “this comment does not rate high on an independent thinking criterion” and a lot of other stuff, which have led to 13 formal complaints since 2013.

I hope they check for grammar and spelling mistakes too.

Faizan, Story Teller @Career_Geek

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