Diplomatic Workshops – A Gateway to a Career in Diplomacy

Written by Asya Bodeva

Getting an advantage and standing out from the graduate crowd is a difficult task in the current job market, especially in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. International Affairs and Diplomacy are such competitive fields to get into – I know because I spent 4 years at university studying the subject – that a university degree is only the base of what you’d really need for your dream career in the field of Diplomacy. As a young and progressing diplomatic organisation, Grassroot Diplomat has shown innovation and forward thinking in its initiatives and ideas relating to students and graduates – the aspiring diplomats of the future. After offering career coaching, Grassroot Diplomat has introduced its Diplomatic workshops which will really add an extra dimension to your experience if you’re aiming to get into the diplomatic arena.

Grassroot Diplomat

Tailored Diplomatic Workshops

The good news is that now, you don’t need a university degree to showcase knowledge on the subject of Diplomacy. Students and graduates can gain an insight into Diplomacy by just attending Grassroot Diplomat’s virtual workshops. The programme includes 11 workshops, with everyone attending at least 9 of them being awarded a Certificate at the end. The topics vary from more theoretical ones, such as Diplomatic Immunity, to more practical ones – The Olympics and Sports Diplomacy. What’s great about these workshops is that they give you a taste of all the different dimensions of Diplomacy. You can find a list of all the topics covered in the workshops here.

Gain knowledge – boost your career prospects!

Grassroot Diplomat’s workshops provide a way for young determined graduates to add to their knowledge and experience of Diplomacy – rather than just studying at university, reading the same textbooks that everybody else reads. Attending those practical workshops would boost your CV, show your passion, and give you an edge when it comes to applying for those hard-to-get jobs in Politics and Diplomacy. Why not make full use of the opportunity by expanding your professional network – create and sustain your contacts in the field of Diplomacy through the relations that you build attending the Grassroot Diplomat workshops.

Start building a professional network!

Each workshop is priced at £5 – so you’d pay £55 for all 11 of them. Compare this against the university fees you’d need to pay over 3 years and you’d immediately appreciate the benefits those workshops offer. Furthermore, subscribing for a membership at Grassroot Diplomat entitles you to attending the workshops for free.  Apart from the various benefits that a membership offers, I believe that the most important one is the opportunity to start building and expanding your network of contacts through attending conferences, taking part in events, signing up for workshops. You can find all the details about the membership and the benefits it offers here.

As a graduate in Diplomatic Studies myself, I can see the benefits of attending the Diplomatic workshops organised by Grassroot Diplomat. Not only will you get an insight into the theoretical ideas behind Diplomacy, but you’ll also get to grips with the practical applications of the different types of Diplomacy. If you’re looking into a career in International Affairs or Diplomacy, don’t hesitate and sign up – this is a unique opportunity that will build your knowledge, help you gain experience, and open networking doors – essential if you’re an aspiring Diplomacy.

Find out what each workshop includes and book your place here: http://www.grassrootdiplomat.org/#/workshops/4564871184

For information on becoming a Grassroot Diplomat and all the benefits of membership: http://www.grassrootdiplomat.org/#/join/4563164890


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