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A Day In The Life Of A Fashion Student

fashion student

This post is all about the ins and outs of a Fashion student’s day – from candles to cupcakes; and newspapers to new clothes.


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A day in the life of a Fashion student; well…where do I start? I’m not the sort of Fashion student who walks around in an avant-garde bin liner dresses and designs crazy garments – let’s just clear that up from the offset!

My Course

I’m a Fashion Marketing & Branding student. This means that my degree could take me into almost any career in fashion. Whether it is journalism, styling for photo-shoots, or even working behind the scenes, there are plenty of opportunities in retail and branding.

The course focuses a lot on the marketing side, so my day revolves around studying advertising, magazines and constantly watching YouTube videos from beauty bloggers. Some of those previous activities are required for my course, some, on the other hand, are not.

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My lectures occasionally consist of panicking over examples of Degree Show work and how incredible it is; being the beginning of the year, no-one is anywhere near getting a First. Other lectures can be really informative and you find out about so many amazing designers, blogs and magazines to check out for inspiration.

Reading Blogs

Another section of my day will be filled up with reading fashion blogs. Sometimes I write my own posts or take photographs with blogger friends from university.

Between blogging, lectures and lining up my sunglasses on top of my dresser (oh, and let’s not forget nail painting and cushion arranging), I study. This means making what seems like a million mind-maps and referencing every single book, article and blog I read. Every student knows that when it comes to the end of the term and you have to bind your work, referencing is the biggest nightmare if you aren’t prepared!

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Once Home I…

The home life of a Fashion student involves being asked at least once a day by a non-fashion studying housemate what jeans to buy or what you’re writing about. I love it. It’s like having to practice styling every day, which is massively useful. I’m always writing – whether it is for GKBC or my own blog, I’m tapping away on a keyboard or my iPad.

Other activities that take up my day are getting rid of spiders (What can I say? I’m the manliest housemate of the 7 girls), making a million lists, going to the gym and trying to avoid some of the locals.

One of our favourite activities to fill down-time is filling online shopping baskets to the brim with things that we love and can’t afford and never reaching the check-out. One of my personal favourite obsessions is to outfit plan for the following day at university, taking in all the factors of weather, occasion and walking distance. Whether I’m feeling 90s hip-hop or Alexa Chung stripes, I’ll always plan it. Turn up to a fashion lecture in joggers and a hoody and you might just be exiled.

I hope this gave a helpful insight as a day in the life of a fashion student, and if you’re thinking it, I promise I’m not shallow and looks-obsessed!

If you’re a Fashion student, how does your day compare?

About Author: Allie-May Redmond is a Fashion student, beauty blogger and serial online clothes shopper.