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5 Creative Resume Designs That Will Make Recruiters Look Twice #NCW2015

5 Creative Resume Designs
Written by Faizan Patankar

This post is part of the series we are doing for National Careers Week 2015. Career Geek is the official blog partner of National Careers Week 2015. Visit NCW site. See all posts for NCW2015 on Career Geek.

5 Creative Resume Designs

A resume if like your file, one which you carry for life. But creative resume designs put some spice back into life! In this post I will list some resume designs that I’ve come to like. Don’t just copy these creative resume designs, but rather gain inspiration from them.

1. The non-conformist

I love one of these creative resume designs by Syril Bobadilla. It’s non-conformist to the tradition and if this was put in front of the recruiter, it would surely make their heads turn twice!

In some industries creative resumes won’t sell, but in those that you can have them, it should be something simple yet creative. Easy on the eye and yet full of details a recruiter would like to know.

creative resume design 1

2. Detailed yet Minimalist

I am a big of of minimalism. And although one can argue this is not a minimalist resume, you really should see the number of pages it takes for one to pack in all the details!

Compare that to this creative resume design by Gianina Santiago and suddenly you see that a resume design can be minimalist yet drive home the detailed points.

creative resume design 2

3. Uniquely Practical Cut-away

This resume design by Georgina Bousia is great! And it is quite practical to have a cut-away business card that the recruiter can takeaway. 

Again, the design is militaristic and by adding the cutaway section at top, this creative resume is definitely going to stick in one’s mind. Wish I did something like this!

creative resume 3.1 creative resume 3.2

4. Creative but Professional Resume

If you think, you cannot carry off the colours in some of these creative resume designs, I can understand. I’d be worried too for some of them 🙂

But this resume by Simplicity Wanted, is professional yet creative. I like it, and I will certainly try it – because you can download this template for $3.00 from the website.

creative resume design professional

5. Multi Colour Creative Resume Designs

Once we did the single colour design, ofcourse I had to look for some multi colour creative resumes. And best of all, you can download it for free (as a creative resume template).

This design is multi coloured and has 2 columns. It allows for more details to fit around the resume. If you notice, this resume design does not have charts or venn diagrams, the designer, Jonny Evans is to be credited for that. 

multi colour creative resume design multi colour creative resume design 2

If you liked these and have any comments, do comment below. And if you want to share your own, comment below and we would check it out!

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