Could You Handle a Day in the Life of a Courier? [Infographic]

There are many jobs in the world that several of us look at and think “I could do a better job than them” especially when we have a bad experience. In reality, for most of these jobs, if you were to go in without any training it could be just as hard as learning a new language. It is important to understand what people deal with daily in order to grasp the difficulty and stress related with a particular job. Couriers are yet another example of people who do jobs that are often overlooked, contain a great deal of stress and are still vital to our everyday lives.

Dealing with Customer Issues

Just one of the things a delivery driver has to deal with is customer complaints which we can all agree is necessary but undesirable for the most part. While the courier company will have a designated staff to deal with such queries, it does not disguise the fact that couriers still encounter some angry customers. Despite there usually not being much that the courier can do, they still can receive an ear full while trying to maintain professionalism.

Travelling Problems

This is something that many of encounter on our commute to work and can fuel a lot of frustration within an individual. Considering that couriers are constantly traveling large distances, in a car for 10 or so hours a day, you can imagine the frustration that they experience. On top of this they need to meet quotas and delivery times, so any travel issues can have a dramatic knock on effect. Couriers in London are likely to experience a great deal of annoyance because of travel issues.

These are just two examples of what a courier may encounter on a daily basis, yet it is enough to help us realise a little about what people go through. So next time you have a bad experience and think you could do a job better, consider their daily routine and avoid major confrontation. There are some funny occurrences also for couriers, like strange delivery notes as detailed in the following infographic.

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