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unconventional careers

The American statesmen are saying that the recession is over. Technically, it is true. Media is also supporting the fact. The unemployment rate is very likely to be reduced in the coming few months. On paper, the job market is going to see a positive trend very soon. Unfortunately, technical figures or on-paper trends don’t always complement the reality. There are millions of Americans who are still jobless and looking for a suitable job to meet life’s most obvious financial requirements. The situation is even worse for recent college graduates who are desperately trying to give their career a head start. The present economy doesn’t allow them to do so and as a result, they fail to get the right job even after having adequate qualifications. When getting any kind of job is a challenge, getting the ‘right’ job is really far-fetched, at least for the time being.

4 Cool Careers

Although there is no such ‘real’ positive sign in the job market, yet there are some jobs that are not considered to be conventional. Some of these jobs pay well while others provide immense job satisfaction and much fun. Here are 4 job ideas that fall outside of the traditional job parameters.

1. Bed Tester – Irrespective of your educational qualification, you can give this career a serious thought. At times we all love to blow off regular jobs and stay in bed for long hours.  What if you can turn such leisure activities into a serious money-making career? Yes, you can do it as a bed tester. As a professional bed tester, you need to bounce on the bed to test the level of comfort. Leading hotel chains often hire bed testers. The job pays well and doesn’t demand higher qualification.

2. Field Test Analyst – The business of recreational equipments is recession-proof. Companies that sell such equipments make millions of dollars every year and the profit-figure goes in north direction. The success of this business largely depends on the quality and workability of the products. An intimate knowledge of the items can be gained only through vigorous testing of the products prior to selling them. Companies like Recreational Equipment Inc. hire people to test the equipments before marketing them.

3. Gold Stacker – Gold repositories including Federal Reserve Bank of New York store gold bars in the form of trapezoids. Sometimes these bars need to be shifted and there the need of gold stackers comes into play. Gold stackers need to shift the 27-pound gold bars manually. However, gold stackers usually work in a team.

4. Waterslide Tester – We all love to shoot down a waterslide in an amusement park, but if it doesn’t work properly we won’t get the maximum fun and enjoyment that we desire. A waterslide tester tests it for stress factors as well as aerodynamic factor. The job ensures good payout and sheer fun. Only physical fitness is demanded to perform the job.

We often miss many career opportunities because we wait for so-called right job. If we can rise above our ego, we may find many jobs that not only provide good money, but also complete job satisfaction.


Jonny Pean is the finance editor at easyfinance.com. From insurance to debt, from personal finance to career, his pen writes for any type of finance-related matter.

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