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Employers, this is how you should offer constructive criticism to jobseekers

Faizan Patankar
Written by Faizan Patankar

I came across this blog post from DMU Student Gateway blog, on how NOT to contact employers. And it’s brilliant!

Here’s an image I’ve taken from their blog which shows how one business offered constructive criticism to someone who had sent them a speculative application. The original tweet can still be found here. I think all employers should use this format to reply to job seekers, some may say it’s cruel , but it isn’t – because we need to point out the mistakes and support young people do the right thing, if we want to help them get onto the career ladder.

So, well done Mr. Andrew Clarke of Stuff and Nonsense.

Here’s how this employer gave constructive criticism.

constructive feedback from a business

To help you making the same mistake as this job seeker, DMU Student Gateway blog have put this together to help you out.

The author writes, “In order to help you decide when it’s appropriate to contact an employer, and how to do that, we have gathered some tips from companies that have had considerable experience of receiving speculative applications.”

  • Research the person and the agency
  • Use the persons name
  • Make sure your tone is appropriate
  • Show you’ve read up about the agency
  • Explain why you’d be great for a placement
  • Keep your folio small and perfect
  • Be precise, take care over your words
  • Make sure we can find you and your work online

Hat tip: DMU Student Gateway  / Featured Image: Stuff and Nonsense

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