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What A Conference Call Would Look Like In Real Life [Video]

conference call in real life
Written by Faizan Patankar

Oh, the joys of conference calls. OK, I’ve been on very few of them, and admittedly, I have not gone through half the pain some of you go through with conference calls.

But what would a conference call look like in real life, I hear you ask (or maybe not, but still). Well, here’s a 4-minute video explaining what a conference call would like in real life. Everything in the video has happened in every conference call I’ve been in.

If you think about it, or OK, if I think about it, the main issue with conference calls is the technology.

The technology is probably from the Mohenjo-daro civilisation, which really at the time would’ve been cutting-edge, but today – it doesn’t hold up. A Twitter chat can do a better job than a conference call with all its plugins and add-ons.

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