5 Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make and How to Avoid Them

Job search is not easy. There is so much to take in. And in that time, it is easy to make mistakes in job search. In this article we will find out about the most common mistakes job seekers make when searching for a job.

#1 – Not Preparing for the Job Hunt

We know that when it comes to vacations, a lot of preparations have to be made, and you spend a lot of time researching the right hotel, the best prices, and whatnot.

Well, people usually fail to do the same when they are preparing to hunt for a job, and this is a one of the common mistakes job seekers make.

Always make sure that you put some effort into figuring out what it takes to be a skilled “job-searcher” and what heights you’re aiming to reach.

Focus your preparation time in figuring out just how to showcase your skills and how to appear unique in every way – stand out from the rest! 

#2 – Applying to Ghost Jobs

You would be amazed at how many applicants ghost jobs receive every day – and if you aren’t familiar with the term, a ghost job is a job that no longer exists or, in other words, an outdated listing.

Always ensure you check the dates on online job boards and even on offline job offers to avoid this – you don’t want to waste your time personalizing a letter for a company that no longer has any vacancies.

#3 – Not Personalizing Their Job Applications

This one is a capital mistake and a huge turn-off for Resource Department officials throughout the world.

A lot of applicants try to take the “easy way” and write only one résumé and one cover letter. They then proceed to spam that same offer to every vacancy they want to apply to.

Do not do this!

You’ll want to customize and personalize every résumé and cover letter for each offer you’re applying to, which should include:

  • Why you love that particular company;
  • What do you have what no other applicants have – what’s your edge?
  • How is the position you’re applying to perfect for you?
  • Etc…

Make sure to put some thought into each application as the HR department will surely notice this extra legwork.

To help you get started, you can download free resume templates from our blog!

#4 – Failure to Go Offline

common mistakes job seekers make

One of the main reasons young people have such a hard time scoring a job is the fact that most of them email résumés, and they wait.

They don’t even worry about following up with their applications.

What I recommend is that you physically visit the company, telling them you applied but wanted to leave a copy of your printed résumé on their desk.

A week after, make sure to step by again to follow up on the application – this may seem daunting as you may think you’re annoying, but what you’re doing is showing interest and passion.

#5 – Failing to Research the Industry:

So you’re an engineer, and you were just summoned to a job interview in a brand new company.

Let’s say you last worked on a wood-based construction company and this new business is a concrete-based construction company – many will not research this new niche, and this is wrong.

You’ll want to study the industry of the companies you are invited to, even if the niche seems similar, as there are always nuances here and there, and knowing about them is a sure-shot at impressing your interviewer.

About Author: Carreira is the Chief-Editor at Instageeked and has a broad range of experience in Human Resources.

A Marketing Major and a Master of Business Administration, he was also nominated for the Chicago Innovation Awards in 2015.

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