[INFOGRAPHIC] College Is Worth It?

Faizan Patankar
Written by Faizan Patankar

Ah, my favourite subject! Is College worth it? Or in British terms, is a university worth it?

I know some will strongly argue YES. Some might even point out that Career Geek Blog writes for students and graduates, so a post questioning if college is worth it is two-faced. I think it isn’t, because personally, I’ve never really been able to agree that a college is worth it. I have never been able to make myself say, ‘my university education was/is worth it’.

My argument has always been very simple, I couldn’t afford university without taking on a large debt. I like education and want to spread it to every corner of the world. But do I really require a piece of paper to show the world that Faizan Patankar is educated?

Anyway, keeping my argument aside, here is an infographic produced by Degree Jungle in which they pull some statistics together to show if attending college is worth it. I will let you readers decide if a college is worth it. Some really big numbers in the infographic!

Infographic by DegreeJungle


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