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National Careers Week Careers Resources

I am so proud that Career Geek is the Official Blog Partner of National Careers Week 2015. It’s an event Career Geek has supported since 2012 and I am pleased to see National Careers Week grow year on year.

At Career Geek, we love creating engaging content focusing on the careers industry. And to help with social media and marketing during the National Careers Week, I have Asya from IntoSocial.Media consultancy to help me. IntoSocial is managing our social networks during the NCW2015 so we can focus on doing what we do best, creating engaging careers content.

National Careers Week Careers Resources

And this post is all about it. There are so many careers resources available online that it can becoming cumbersome finding what’s useful and what’s not. In this post I am sharing some very useful careers resources that will help you in your career management, whether that is creating your first CV, starting up on LinkedIn or anything else.

1. Create Your CV From Our Free Templates

We all need a CV to start our job search or even move between some jobs. But starting to write a CV is not the easiest task, until now! We have put together these two FREE CV templates. Why? Because we love helping job seekers. Simply click the download button below and you will able to download our free CV template.

Download CV templates

2. How To Create A LinkedIn Profile

I always recommend that students and graduates should join the professional network LinkedIn as soon as possible. It is not just about uploading a CV or filling in some details. There are recruitment companies constantly searching for people to interview and bring to their organisations. Unfortunately, graduates think LinkedIn is only for employed people, which is not true! So, have a read, get onto the LinkedIn network, and to get started, here is a link to my profile /www.linkedin.com/in/faizanpatankar. Add me and in the message write “Referred from Career Geek Blog” and I will add you back.

How To Create A Profile on LinkedIn

3. Review Your CV By An Expert

Once you have created your CV, you should get your CV reviewed. If you do not review your CV, you could be making the same mistakes that I did when I was a job seeker at university.

You can get your CV reviewed by a careers adviser at your institution. Alternatively you can use the service provider from our site, who provides this service for free. p.s. You can review your own CV in 5 mins as a start.

Claim Your Free CV Review

4. Manage Your Job Search Through Job Tracker Spreadsheet

Once you are in the midst of your job search, you will be applying to jobs left right and centre. It is important to keep track of your job search.

Using a job application tracking spreadsheet can help you keep the recruiters contact details and other information together. You won’t have to troll through your hundred of emails or add 100s of bookmarks.

Download Job Application Tracking spreadsheet

5. What Is The Graduate Job/ Internship Application Process Like?

Don’t take your graduate job search for granted; in the UK at least it is a process that begins as early as August of the year before the actual job starts.

Here are the steps that are generally relevant to a lot of intern / graduate recruiters:

  • You apply for a job via the online job application site of the company – How to fill online job applications?
  • You register and complete the job application; usually takes 180-240 minutes. It can be saved and completed in parts.
  • Your application will be either read or scanned by the Applicant Tracking System, at which point it will be determined whether your application will go through to the next stage. – What is an applicant tracking system?
  • Stage 1 – Psychometric tests  – psychometric tests can include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, or both. There can be other tests, too. Generally, you won’t have more than two tests. It is important that you practice for these in advance.
  • Stage 2 – Telephone interview – if you do relatively well in the psychometric tests, then you will be moved to the first interview stage. This is usually a telephone interview lasting 30-45 mins. This is not necessarily carried out by the recruiter and can be outsourced to agencies. These are pretty basic questions relating to you and the company only. Research is still important. – How to do a telephone interview?
  • Stage 3 – Assessment Centre – this can take anywhere between a day or two. Travel to and stay at assessment centres are paid for by the company, but please ask before you go and follow the process. You can find more details on what happens in an assessment centre. The final stage is an interview (can be more than one, with different people, usually including a panel interview) – How to conquer Competency based interviews?

6. Interviews: What Happens In An Interview?

Interviews can be nervy, for both, the recruiter and candidates. Yet, most of the decisions are made pretty quickly and fairly.

Here’s what you need to know about what happens in an interview through statistics, because data is the best evidence.

What Happens In An Interview

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7. Interviews: 30+ Most Asked Q&As

Here are 34 most asked job interview questions and some tips on how to answer them. There is a reason interviewers keep asking the same questions again and again, as it helps them standardise the process a little bit.

Top one of the mos asked job interview questions is the usual culprit “Tell Me About Yourself” .

30+ Most Asked Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

8. Download From 279 Professional Resume Samples FREE – CRAZY!!

Your resume represents you as a professional on a piece of paper – it is your first impression with your future boss. Interestingly, resume writing is not a skill that is generally taught in school so once you are ready to start looking for a job, you are left to fend for yourself. In this age of technology, most people search the internet.

Visit Basic CV Templates