Careers Options With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

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A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is known to everyone. Those who do not know about an MBA degree must be living on Mars. But many of us may not be quite well informed about a Master’s degree in Marketing, the program, coursework, education prerequisites and the employment opportunities offered. Well, this is a degree for those candidates who have an interest in the marketing of products or services for a business organization. The Marketing program degree provides candidates with an in-depth knowledge of a specific area of Marketing. Below, we discuss about Careers Options With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, educational prerequisites and what the degree program covers in the coursework.

Master of Science in Marketing

The Master’s degree program focuses on subjects like market trends, market principles and market analysis. While getting enrolled in a master of science in marketing program, students can choose to study any of these concentrations – Marketing Communication, Market Management, Market Research, Strategic Marketing, etc. In this degree, students are trained in consumer behavior, brand management, targeting specific markets and product development principles, among others. Internships and group projects play a vital role in giving students real world experience.

Education Prerequisites

An undergraduate degree in Business or a relevant field is a prerequisite to getting enrolled in a Master’s degree in Marketing program. Those who do not already have an undergraduate Marketing degree need to undertake Marketing and Business courses first. Additionally, some marketing experience can be a plus for students getting enrolled in this Master’s degree program. To become eligible for enrolment, candidates also need to sit for the Graduate Record Examination or the Graduate Admission Management Test.

Coursework Inclusions

The coursework for this Master’s degree includes almost every aspect of Marketing. Usually, the coursework for the degree program includes the following.

Marketing Research

Consumer Behavior

Brand Management

Strategic Marketing

Marketing Communications

Marketing Consulting

Marketing Technology

Marketing Leadership

While being trained, students will be taught about the science and technology of Marketing, how to make strategies, how to judge consumer behavior, market techniques, etc. The degree prepares candidates to launch effective Marketing campaigns for the products and services of a business firm or other organization.

Job Outlook & Salary

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth rate for these professionals is expected to increase by 12 per cent through to the year 2016. Due to an ever increasing competition among companies, there is a regular demand for professionals like Sales Managers, Promotion Managers, Advertising Managers, etc. The median annual salary of managers is around $98,720.

Career Advancement

For the advancement of career, candidates can further choose to go for a doctoral degree in Marketing, Finance, Business Administration, etc. Advance education can prepare candidates to take up marketing research job positions and teach the science of marketing in schools, colleges and universities. A doctorate in Marketing will bring more profitable opportunities for candidates across a range of business firms and organizations.