Career Geek Gets a New Owner To Move Forwards

It’s officially about a year ago when Career Geek Blog went professional! Yes, before that it was there as a personal blog. It began as a personal blog sharing my tips and tricks on the graduate job process and doing a bit of analysis on statistics of job numbers and other graduate careers issues.

Asya joined Career Geek as an Editor last December. She has been around the blog since its inception in its current shape and under her leadership we’ve reached some pretty impressive viewing numbers, considering this blog is run on a voluntary couple-of-hours-a-day basis.
Anyway, as start-ups realise, there comes a time when they have to come out of the beta phase and face the real world test. Entrepreneurs know, a good idea does not necessarily make a great idea to investors. And founders across the world know, they are really in it to do something new, but it’s the people with business knowledge and acumen that really turn an idea commercial.
Career Geek is at that stage. I founded Career Geek Blog, but it’s time to move it forward now. I like writing and creating new avenues, which is what I want to carry on doing, whilst Career Geek moves forward under the management of Asya Bodeva. I am handing over Career Geek Blog to her.
We are a small team of 4 working on the blog and all will remain the same. I will concentrate even more on making careers a bit more cool to write about and provide my opinions on a lot more topics in careers. Additionally, I have been struggling with time for a while now and I was looking for an external party to take Career Geek Blog to the next level that I know it has the capacity to reach. That plan didn’t work out, as an external person/organisation would not be familiar with the way we work and what we want to achieve. Finally, I was glad when Asya agreed to take the ownership of Career Geek Blog. We discussed some ideas and her strategies to improve Career Geek Blog’s standing in the online space.
Career Geek Blog would be nowhere without our readers and those who helped us run on daily basis in the past, and those who are helping us now! I can’t wait to see Asya take this project further and manage it just as she has managed us this last year.
Good luck to Asya and I welcome the new leadership to take the blog forward.