Career Geek Is 1-Year Old This Week

This week Career Geek Blog is one year old. I’ve enjoyed my year writing and working on Career Geek Blog, along with the rest of the team. And you, our readers, have been a good part of this journey.

I’ve always maintained that I am no Careers expert. I am a graduate who made it to a job and thought: “let’s pass on the knowledge I gained during my job search to the rest of my friends”. Career Geek Blog was a personal blog before Asya joined voluntarily to make the blog professional!

Since Dec 2011, Asya has taken this blog to new heights. In her role as the Editor, she has taken Career Geek Blog from strength to strength. She is looking for a job, and yet she manages to support Career Geek Blog every day! Amazing woman and a very patient Editor.

Apart from Asya, Matt feeds into the News category as the News Editor of Career Geek. He has been supporting the News category since its start, and along with his other job, he still keeps working away on getting us those News posts.

Gillian is our Social Media Exec and helps us on that front. Under her direction, we’ve surpassed 1000 followers and have a constant presence on social media.

And lastly, but not in importance, we have Caitlin, our Content Manager. She deals with all those content emails coming into our Inbox on a daily basis. She is very patient with her replies, which is crucial, as we get sent some very crazy post ideas sometimes.

I feel very lucky that Career Geek Blog has such a good team behind it. We work from different parts of Britain and haven’t even seen each other. But we have one thing in common: the zest to help graduates and an eye for something good.

We work hard, very hard, on bringing you good content. We are a small, a very small blog with great ambitions. I have a vision for Career Geek Blog. I want to break barriers in the Careers industry with this blog.

There are so many social experiments that Career Geek Blog plans to carry out. There is so much more to Careers than just advice, jobs and posts. The Careers market is changing. It is dynamic. It is social. It is moving at a fast pace and Career Geek Blog will aim to keep up with that.

My aim, when I started out, was to give practical advice to graduates and students. Now, we host debates, opinions, humour, advice, interviews, and bring careers news to you. The aim is still the same. We want to help graduates.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or want to send us a word, send an email to careergeek.blog@gmail.com. And please, keep reading, sharing and debating our content.

Thank-you to our readers, and the team behind Career Geek Blog, who’ve taken up this ‘crazy writing idea’ of mine and made something out of it.



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