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Career advice chatbot created by @career_geek

career advice chatbot by career geek
Written by Faizan Patankar

I created a chatbot that gives careers advice. Probably the world’s first careers chatbot.

Careers advice chatbot will be updated with more information and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) as it matures over time.

How is the careers chatbot set up?

I have set up the chatbot by using the facebook messenger platform. There are various platforms you can use to design and implement your own chatbot (for e.g. Slack). I used facebook messenger because that’s the most widely used social network platform.

And the audience for careers advice chatbot is found on facebook. I am targeting the 18-25 market with this chatbot.

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That does not mean, those outside the 18-25 age group cannot use it. Everyone can use the careers advice chatbot for free on facebook messenger.

What can the chatbot help me with?

Okay, so it depends on the version of chatbot that is deployed. You can find the information depending on the version of chatbot below:

05/02/2017Version 1 – Careers advice chatbot will offer advice on Resumes and Cover letter.

Preview of what the careers chatbot can do

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career advice chatbot by career geek

This is a basic preview of what the careers advice chatbot can do. Admittedly, I only spent around 3-4 hours on this.

The 2 things that the careers advice chatbot can do now are:

  • Offer Resume and Cover Letter advice
  • Use artificial intelligence to do basic conversations

p.s. want to download resume template?

Are chatbots going to be better than humans?

I write a blog and offer advice. You can email me and I will most probably tell you more of the same stuff for a start.

Now, rather than you emailing me and waiting on me to get back to you. We could completely make this task faster – by automating it with some artificial intelligence.

The benefit of chatbots are:

  • it provides instant reply – no waiting
  • it offers the same service 365x24x7 – standard remains high
  • it is affordable – over employing a human
  • it learns over time and remembers – no re-training involved

Couple of areas where a chatbot would fail are:

  • not understanding the sentiment – it’s easier for a human to handle an angry customer
  • crisis management – oh no, don’t try to handle PR issues with chatbots
  • it can be impersonal – it may seem some people prefer talking to a human

Here’s an image that shows the pros and cons of chatbots vs humans

pros and cons of chatbots vs humans

Go ahead, and try the careers advice chatbot.

Drop me a comment with your feedback!

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