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Captivating Your Audience In A Presentation Like Steve Jobs

How To Deliver A Presentation Like Steve
Faizan Patankar
Written by Faizan Patankar

How To Deliver A Presentation Like Steve

Steve Jobs was really good at captivating audience in his presentations. His launch speeches were remarkable and they did the job. Here’s a breakdown of how you can use the same principles as his to capture the attention of your audience and deliver the next star presentation.

I read this from the slideshare blog What Presenters Can Learn From Steve Jobs.

To deliver a presentation like Steve Jobs follow these three steps below.

Focus on the Individual: Develop the skill of speaking not to “an audience” but to its individual members. This can be done by direct questions to individuals such as, “How many of you have heard about…?”

Build Suspense: While not every topic is going to lend itself to this technique, you should try to keep the audience anticipating what’s next, and save the best for last, when appropriate. This is a matter of planning and sequencing your presentation well, and practicing its delivery.

Be Bold: Care about your subject, and how important it is for each listener to “get it.” Where possible, find something in your talk you can be passionate about, and let that passion show. Give the listeners reasons to listen. E.g. say “What I’m going to tell you now changed my life…”

Read More via Slideshare Blog

Steve Jobs designed by Stephen Borengasser from the Noun Project

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