Can Blogging Help You Get a Job?

Written by Faizan Patankar

Give a Grad a Go (do check them out, they have good material) Social media to get a jobhave written a very good post, analysing the possibility of  blogging helping you to get a job.

Having read the post, I think it is well laid out. Blogging, and anything related to computers and the web, has so far been the playground of IT students and graduates. But blogging is becoming so powerful and fashionable that it can act as a skills leverage tool.

Give a Grad a Go say’s

When done in a professional way, writing a blog can lead to many benefits in your post-college job search, including real internship and job opportunities. Here are a few of the benefits of blogging:

* Enhancing your online personal brand and Google-ability
* Demonstrating skills such as writing, design, photography, and analytical thinking
* Showing your ability to take initiative and commit to a project
* Connecting you to a whole new network of other bloggers and commenters

Read the full report here.

Want to blog ?

If you do want to start blogging, or need some more suggestions or help in getting started, drop Career Geek an email at careergeek.blog@gmail.com, or tweet me and we can arrange something for you. You can have your own page on Career Geek Blog.

Update 1 28/9 1531 hrs : Johnny Sollitt-Davis (@johnnysd) from Toronto, working for Deloitte tweeted about how Ellison B (@EllisonHR)  “blogged to raise her profile with #deloitte and now she’s working there”. True story. Ellison’s blog is The Human Resource Blog.


(Image Credit: Give a Grad a Go)

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