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CakeResume adds excitement to creating a new resume // @cakeresume

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Written by Faizan Patankar

Design a new resume as easy as a piece of cake.

Previously making a creative resume was the forte of graphic designers and Photoshop ‘brainiacs’. However, Cake Resume makes it so simple to make a creative resume.

A video of what cake resume does is below.

CakeResume serves as a complete self-introduction for every user. Traditional resumes only show one’s professional skills and work experiences, but a CakeResume also includes the employee’s interests, social activities, volunteer works, travel experiences and so on, which helps readers learn about the person’s personality and “soft” skills.

Things I love about Cake Resume

1. I love the drag and drop functionality of adding different snippets to the resume. You get over 20 snippets for free, however you can add more (I don’t think average joe to buy the premium snippets)

2. The UX of the platform itself is actually quite neat. Love any platform that focuses on making the life of job seekers simple.

3. You can download your resume as a pdf and also get a URL as default – makes it easy to share your resume online. I think it’s even better that they let you customise the URL to something nicer than www.cakeresume.com/xb87658cr – the more elegant www.cakeresume.com/careergeek is better to share

Make a new resume using Cake Resume

It’s quite easy to create your resume with Cake Resume.

  1. Visit www.cakeresume.com
  2. Sign up using facebook / twitter / google or using email id
  3. And once you are in you can use drag and drop functionality to add snippets

It is just so easy to use.

Cake Resume however, puts the excitement back into building a resume. Click To Tweet

Cake Resume makes creative resumes accessible to all

That is my final verdict. Cake Resume actually lets users create some really good looking resumes.

I’ve tried resume builders before and appreciate what they do. However I was never convinced with them. They were sort of monotonous and boring.

Cake Resume however, puts the excitement back into building a resume.

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