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How To Bounce Back From Redundancy in 5 Steps?

Written by StandOut CV

Being made redundant can be a distressing and worrying experience but it needn’t spell the end of your career. With the correct preparation and support, redundancy can actually open doors to new opportunities that you may not have pursued otherwise. So CV writing service StandOut CV have created this useful guide showing exactly how you can manage redundancy and come out on top.

Firstly you must find out what your entitlements are in order to know exactly what to expect in the coming weeks or months. Speak with your employer, check your contract to confirm your notice period, redundancy package and any support to be provided. Then it’s wise to understand what your value is on the job market by researching relevant job boards and speaking to recruiters to gain an understanding of who is hiring, which of your skills are in demand and what sort of salary you can achieve.

Update your CV with all of the skills and knowledge you have picked up in your current role and make sure you are highlighting your most in-demand talents. Once your CV is ready, you should promote yourself effectively by applying for roles, meeting recruiters and networking on LinkedIn.

And don’t forget to get some interview preparation in, especially if you are feeling a little rusty. Practice answering common questions and selling yourself.



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