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Jobbuddy Offers Better Job Search Management To Help Organise Your Job Search

jobbuddy job search management
Written by Faizan Patankar

Managing your job search just got easier. Today, we launch the new Jobbuddy website, for better job search management.

Jobbuddy lets you track jobs you want and simplify your job search management. No more spreadsheets to track your jobs. You can now take your job search anywhere.

Old Method of Job search management spreadsheet

jobbuddy removes spreadsheets

Historically, students looking for jobs used spreadsheets and sticky notes for job search management. As a student job seeker, you will typically apply to 10s (if not 100s!) of jobs.

For internships, industrial placement or a graduate role, the deadlines often need tracking and also you need some way of prioritising which jobs to apply to if there are too many.

Managing your job search using spreadsheets, is not very useful as you will have to keep emailing the job search management spreadsheet to yourself. That’s the only way of having a copy online.

Until now.

Better job search management using Jobbuddy

With Jobbuddy, there is a better way to manage your job search.

Jobbuddy let’s you:

  • Track jobs you want – save jobs in a dashboard and view them in one place. You can sort by deadline or salary to target the one’s you want to apply to.

Track jobs you want to apply to with Jobbuddy

  • Job deadline reminders – job seekers are busy. We understand that, which is why Jobbuddy sends you an email reminding you of upcoming job deadlines for the jobs you are tracking. Never miss a deadline again

Job deadline reminders from Jobbuddy

  • Store resumes & cover letters – A dedicated document library to let you upload and save career related documents. You can save all your resumes and cover letters in one place, online.


  • Save competency based Q&As – Save your best answers to repeated questions and use them in multiple graduate job applications. Add your own questions and keep track of word and character count

Save competency based questions and answers online

  • Add tasks and be reminded – whether it is attending an interview or remembering to follow-up on an application, you can add tasks to a job and be reminded on the due date via an email.


  • Contact list – visiting job fairs or networking through other events always leads to picking up contacts. Now you have a dedicated area to manage career related contacts in one place. is now live

jobbuddy job search management

To help you with a better job search management process, we updated Jobbuddy. It is more robust and is backed with an uptime of 99.9% uptime.

Visit to find out more.

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better job search management with Jobbuddy

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