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Best Ways to find a New Job [Infographic]

Bored of your current job? Or maybe you just want to change your line of work? We have came up with best and most successful techniques to secure the job of your dreams.


Social Media is used for everything now, not just posting pictures of your last holiday. For those who don’t have LinkedIn, It’s a bit like Facebook but aimed at professionals. Many companies post vacancies and will even ask you in for an interview after just having a look at your profile.  So make sure to put all your biggest achievements and all previous occupations to give your future employers a full picture of yourself.

Job sites

There are many job sites, which have hundreds if not thousands of advertisements. Just search location and the field or industry you’d like to work in and lots of options will appear. Send your cover letter and CV over to the company and hopefully you’ll get an interview!

Some job sites even let you have a profile where you can bookmark advertisements and have your CV uploaded so it will automatically send it to them if you like the job. Make sure to sign up for email updates from these sites so you can get emailed the best jobs for you when they appear.

Who you Know

Do you have friends or family in the industry that you’d like to work in? Ask them how they got their job and see if they can help you out in anyway. They might recommend a training course to take that will help your chances of getting the job or ensure employment in the industry. If you know people that have a senior job, they may even be able to get you the job purely on recommendation!

However, Once you have secured your place at your new company, onboarding may not go to plan. To learn more, check out this infographic from Cezanne HR.

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