Best Places Across the Globe to Look for an Engineering Career

Whether you’ve recently graduated and are looking to kick-start your career in an exciting and interesting way, or are a mid-career professional in need of a change, you may have considered working abroad. With many global regions offering exciting, progressive and challenging roles there are plenty of opportunities to seize out there – but which countries are most attractive to engineering specialists?

1. United States

When it comes to attracting and retaining investments, innovation has become more important than ever with many industries looking for bright engineering candidates that can quite literally mould and shape the global economy.

With global technology leaders such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook setting the pace, there’s room for even bolder ideas to take companies to new heights. Moreover, existing companies require highly-trained engineering professionals to manage and enhance projects in various sectors. So, no matter what you’ve chosen to specialise in be it civil, mechanical, electrical, or other types of engineering, the USA could be an option.

2. The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is rapidly becoming a magnet for highly-skilled engineers looking to enhance their portfolio and throw themselves into diverse new projects. With some of the largest oil reserves in the world, engineers within the oil and gas industry have significant scope to learn and grow in a different part of the globe.

What’s more, with revenue from the oil and gas industry allowing the UAE to develop at a rapid speed, many new engineering opportunities have been proposed including the Mars 2117 project which will involve building a city on Mars.

While ambitious, this 100-year-long task emphasises how important engineering will be in the future with specialists needed to create everything from infrastructure to functional transport links to and from the planet. Research is also needed to decide what the settlement will look like and whether or not it will be possible to eat, drink and get around with ease whilst visiting Mars.

Speaking of the project, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and vice president of the UAE explained: “Human ambitions have no limits, and whoever looks into the scientific breakthroughs in the current century believes that human abilities can realise the most important human dream.” So, watch this space.

3. Germany

If you’re willing to relocate for an engineering role, Germany could seem like the most logical destination, offering a wealth of jobs for those with relevant skillsets, particularly in cities like Munich where both Siemens and BMW have their headquarters.

With a booming pharmaceutical and automotive industry, German engineering is hard to beat with many of the world’s products originating from this part of the world. In fact, Germany is world-renowned for its exceptional engineering skills with many high-end global products beginning life in this European country. Indeed, Germany is the third largest export economy in the world with top exports including cars, vehicle parts, planes, helicopters, spacecraft, crude petroleum and computers.

Countries across the world are crying out for engineers and the best way to stay in the know is to research and follow reputable recruitment sites.

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