Best Career Advice Blogs Of 2014 By OpenColleges

2014 Best Career Blogs - OpenColleges

2014 Best Career Blogs - OpenColleges

Career Geek has been chosen as one of the best career advice blogs of 2014 by OpenColleges. The list comprises of 14 of the internet’s top career bloggers. We received an email notifying of the same from OpenColleges Congratulations again for being chosen as one of the Best Career Advice Blogs of 2014

The full list of Best Career Advice Blogs of 2014 is below:

Asya is the Editor of Career Geek Blog and has given a small interview to OpenColleges, providing her thoughts on interview tips, how to get a job and networking. You can read her advice here.

We are thrilled to be on the list and it just goes to show that even though we have a small virtual team of recent graduates creating some of the most engaging careers content, we still offer value to our readers. It’s through experience that we write and awards like these help motivate us.

And without you, readers, we would never be happy with what we are doing. So keep reading Career Geek and, as usual, comment, email or interact with us on social media. We’d love to chat.