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6 Benefits Of A Part-Time Job Whilst Studying

Written by Simi Gupta

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As a student, it may be easier to rely on a student loan to pay for everything. Especially if you’re living away from home, you ‘accidentally’ miss lectures, go heavy on the student nights and lose discipline.

I’m pretty sure you’ve come across many blog posts explaining why you should gain ‘experience’ whilst at university. However, don’t be fooled as to what it is meant by’experience’.  We assume that this term refers to placements within our chosen career. Although, to a certain extent, this may be correct, we forget what the purpose behind a part-time job is. Finding a part-time job illustrates that you can take responsibility and can be independent. You’re providing yourself with a set purpose as to how you can make a difference to the company you work for. Whether it is large or small, your role counts towards pushing everything forward.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons:

1)      Money

Let’s face it; we work so we can earn a living. That’s the main reason for seeking employed. Earning money can seem an exciting prospect, especially when you can spend without having to pay the money back. Saving is also an option available to you.  Having a part-time job puts you in a safe, comfortable and financially-stable position without the headache of going into overdraft.

2)      Experience of working life

They say in order to acquire experience, you need experience. However, if you’ve just graduated with a CV showing that you’ve had a part-time job while studying, that’ll put you ahead of the competition. A part-time job will help you build the discipline and skills required for any other job. The sooner you learn those lessons, the better for you and your future.A part-time job is the perfect platform for you to learn about your professional self, about office culture and where your strengths lie.

3)      New/improved skills

Employers want to see skills. Showing that you’ve secured paid employment illustrates that you’ve developed skills, crucial to the workplace, through experience. It also shows that you can be flexible, organised and determined – skills gained through juggling a part-time job with a degree.

4)      Enjoyment

It is believed that you can love and hate your job at the same time. It’s true. There are times when you struggle to get out of bed, however, it’s always good to keep yourself busy and have fun.  If you’re a student, choose a job that you’re interested in.

5)      Self-satisfaction

Take each responsibility with a sense of luxury. It’ll benefit you a lot if you take your role with pride and prove that you’re a good worker. Who knows where this may lead you in the company. One of the best feelings that you can give yourself is the pride of productivity. Knowing that you’ve established something good within your role shows that you’re a talented employee. Sustaining this element will result in positive outcome in the long run.

6)      Network

Networking comes up countless of times. It’s important, yes, but how do you build a network? Attending social networking events does help, but does that show employers what you’re capable of?  Maybe not. However, starting to build a network through the contacts you meet while working part-time can be a great investment. It is a small world, and a colleague from the company you’re working part-time at might know someone looking for exactly your talents for a graduate-level job…You never know when your network might prove useful, so nurture and extend it all the time.

Give yourselves that push and start working part-time! You’ll see the benefits straight away!

About the author

Simi Gupta

An aspiring lawyer and fitness geek , studying at the University of Hertfordshire, who also takes pride in helping others to make a difference.