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4 Things to Know to Become a Business Administration Major

Business administration majors are trained in business operations and functions with special emphasis on business principles and ethics while honing their leadership skills.

Students also get to enjoy the flexible curriculum that equips them to pursue a range of exciting careers. They can also explore careers in various job roles like human resources managers, accountants, market research analysts, CEOs, and a lot more.

If you are interested in exploring a career in business administration or considering a business administration diploma, read this article to know what to expect from this program and what your future prospects hold.

1. What is a Business Administration Major?

Business administration majors teach students the fundamentals and mechanics of business by exploring topics like accounting, finance, marketing, and delve into some topics that are more specialized.

Business administration students learn to solve problems by studying data and through the development of communication and managerial skills. Business administration studies also encompass business ethics within the curriculum.

Business administration majors can earn either a bachelor’s in business administration or even a Bachelor of Science in business administration, with the coursework consisting of communication, entrepreneurship, and management theory.

While students studying a Bachelor of Science in business management may have topics with greater emphasis on human resources management, economics, as well as interpersonal skills and relationship-building to guide business operations.

2. What Does the Coursework for a Business Administration Major Include?

The coursework for business administration majors typically begins with introductory classes with subjects ranging in economics, accounting, statistics, marketing, management, business communication, organization, and entrepreneurship. Students also have the option to choose further concentrations.

Students also have the liberty to take up advanced classes in management theory, operations management, entertainment entrepreneurship, investments in new ventures, organizational behavior, and more.

Students may also choose concentration areas like international business, information systems, and technology, finance, strategy, management, leadership, etc.

Some business administration programs even allow majors to pursue double degrees in areas like computer science, international relations, neuroscience, or philosophy.

3. How to Decide if this Major is Right For You?

If you have an affinity for numbers, then a Business Administration major may be the right choice for you.

This is primarily because students must have strong core knowledge in maths-based foundational courses like accounting, calculus, macroeconomics, and microeconomics. Studying these majors also requires leadership skills, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Most of these programs encourage students to develop their managerial and business skills by pursuing internships, service projects, and other networking opportunities.

4. What Can You Do With a Business Administration Major?

A business administration major will open a plethora of career possibilities for the graduates.

Some of the best career choices can be finance, human resources management, accounting, consulting, marketing, technology, and a lot more.

Graduates may make successful careers as financial analysts, market research analysts, regulatory affairs specialists, and many more exciting job roles.

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