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How An Artist Can Make Money Online: 5 Pro Tips

It is a myth that making money as an artist is not possible. But it is not valid in today’s digital era. In fact, earning from your creative work is much easier than you realize.

Because if there is one thing that the internet values the most is creativity. So if you are creative, then congratulations! You can surely turn your skills and talent into a lucrative occupation.  It will bring you both money and fame.

Thinking about the ways to sell your artwork online and earn as an artist can be a bit overwhelming. You may feel a bit confused about where to start or focus your attention.

So, you can follow the below-mentioned ideas to be creative and make money online as an artist:

1. Sell Your Art Pieces on Instagram

Instagram is a popular platform for artists to promote and sell artwork. With social media, no artist needs to wait for prominent critics to recognize the work as through this you can reach a wide audience.

It offers you the opportunity to directly connect with potential customers around the world who want to buy unique artwork. So try to gather more followers to build your career. While selling the art pieces through your Instagram account, follow the tips below:

  • Post only high-quality photo prints of your work
  • While clicking pictures, choose a natural light with a clean background
  • Opt for a specific filter, language, description, etc., that showcase your unique art style
  • Post regularly (at least twice a week)

By selling your work on Instagram, you showcase your skills and promote your artwork while directing the customers into the sales funnel.

2. Create a Website

Setting up a website is one of the best ways to show how serious you are about your art business. It shows your professionalism that can potentially lead to more income by promoting your artwork.

Moreover, if you have your business site, it will showcase your art pieces online.

3. Commercial Galleries

You can sell your work through commercial galleries on a commission basis. Most commercial galleries take a typical commission somewhere between 40% to 50% per art piece. Both parties sign a contract having all the parameters clearly explained.

It clearly states if you submit your artwork for sale purposes or making an ongoing relationship with an art gallery. So quickly get registered online with a famous commercial gallery and start earning.

4. Give Online Classes

If you like teaching and sharing ideas with other people, consider teaching people online. It provides you the opportunity to reach a broader target audience instead of face-to-face teaching.

Plus point is you only need to prepare your content once, and you can have a source of passive income for many years. In addition, you can develop your teaching material in the form of workbooks, video tutorials, exercises, and step-by-step guides with images.

When people learn skills from you, you will get paid and establish authority as a leading figure. Also, you will be able to improve your intellectual, creative, and professional capacities.

5. Design Contests

Many websites organize design contests, and different artists compete, and you get a prize after winning. In these contests, your work speaks louder than your words. But these website competitions are a bit tough to qualify as you will be competing with artists globally.

Wrapping Up

Every artist must have more than one income source. Sometimes, relying solely on online earnings is not enough to meet your monthly expenses. In addition, your freelance art career takes some time to establish, so be patient.

Always have side incomes. In that way, if you are experiencing problems in one area, you can rely on other income sources.

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