Are Smart Meters Accurate and Will They Save Money?

smart meters accurate

I like writing money related articles once in a while. And this one is one such article. I am a big fan of smart meters. I can’t wait for the national rollout and have one installed for my home. Smart meters are accurate and like many other things, once you have the data or information available, you can alter your choices to make sure you improve your energy consumption.

This is one technology young people can really look forward to, I think it will help a lot of people.

A new infographic released from Smart Energy GB shows that a majority of people who have one find them accurate, with 76% trusting the information that they give as opposed to 57% who think the old system does a good job. It also shows that unsurprisingly gadget-friendly younger people are more interested in the device, and that 59% of people who have heard of one would like one. The northwest is more clued up about smart meters, and the main appeal of having one is in being able to count up your energy usage in pounds and pence, the graphic shows.

National Smart Meter Awareness