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The Apprentice Spoof Video We Have All Been Waiting For

apprentice spoof
Written by Faizan Patankar

Jobsite UK has created an apprentice spoof video of the hit TV show The Apprentice. And, to be honest, it is not far off from what a lot of us in the careers industry think about whilst watching the introductions.

Weird introductions about how arrogant one is and some blatant exaggerations are not uncommon to hear in The Apprentice from the wannabe apprentices.

One of the sentences below is from The Apprentice show – can you guess which one?

      1. I am the Asian sensation; go in and get the job done, boom!
      2. I am like hurricane – when I move forward, people move backwards [Click to tweet]
      3. In business, I am like a baboon; you don’t open the cage, I get angry…start throwing faeces around
      4. Give a woman a position of power and they go fucking doolally. All of a sudden they think they’re Adolf flamin’ Hitler.

Jobsite UK, by creating this video, has given us all something to cheer us up. As Sophie Relf, Jobsite’s Marketing Director highlights in the video – gaining a competitive advantage in business isn’t always as it seems on TV.

Jobsite has launched The Advantage competition which you can take part in. The prize includes:

      • One-to-one career coaching from experts
      • Specially tailored advice from recruiters
      • Bespoke interview training
      • A CV and social media makeover
      • A complete new wardrobe for your interview

P.s. Out of the four sentences, only the 4th one was said in The Apprentice; the rest are gems from the apprentice spoof video.

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