An Apprentice-Ship HUB related crowd funding campaign launched

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Samuel-James Wilson who, for the last four years, has been documenting his work and travel on The Apprentice-Ship site has now started a crowd funding campaign to develop his idea of The Apprentice-Ship HUB.

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Samuel started blogging in 2010 on The Apprentice-Ship blog

On his crowd funding page he says

“Over the past couple of years the numbers of new apprenticeships have been on the rise due to world government FINALLY taking an interest. “

However, the percentage of these apprenticeships being completed is falling. And Samuel believes this is due to lack of knowledge on both sides. The employers may not understand their full responsibilities and the apprentices may not fully understand theirs.

And to change this, the apprenticeship related crowd funding campaign has been launched. As Samuel explains,

The money raised through this campaign will go towards the designing and developing a website that will bring both employer and employee together. The new website will allow aspiring apprentices from around the world to communicate with one another and a place where they can hopefully find their future path in life. A place where people young and old can share advice and guidance, a place where companies can list their vacancies and read about aspiring apprentices.”

I have found a designer and developer and we’re ready to get to work so please, even if it’s just £1 help me, help them.

To help Samuel and support this campaign, visit his crowd funding page.

You can follow Samuel on Twitter @SamuelShip

Source: Gofundme.com / Twitter