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After having completed what seems like countless essay writing assignments, writing an application letter can seem like just one more. It’s not the same type of writing, and if you want to be viewed as a serious candidate for a position, you will need to adjust your writing style to fit this specialized form of communication. Check out these Top 10 Writing Secrets to help you present yourself in the best possible manner.

1. State the Position You are Applying for in the Opening Paragraph

Hiring managers are busy, and you want to get directly to the point of your communication.application letter Use the exact title of the position in the ad so the person reading your letter knows which job you are interested in.

2. Address it to a Specific Person, if Possible

Sending a personalized letter means you are more likely to receive personalized attention than if it was sent to a general address.

3. Focus on How You Would Benefit the Employer if Hired

 Application letters are different from essay writing in that they don’t read like a narrative. They are more conversational in tone. Use short sentences to convey the advantages to the employer if you are chosen for the position.

4. Limit the Use of the Words “I” or “My”

When you proofread your letter, make note of how often you see sentences that start with the words “I” or “My”. You are trying to introduce yourself to a potential employer, but you also need to make sure the focus does not appear to be solely on you.

5. Make Sure Your Content is Unique

You don’t want to copy words and phrases from your resume. When you write your application letter, your goal should be to make the reader interested enough in you to want to take the next step and read your resume, so that you will be invited for a personal interview.

6. Address the Skills that are Relevant to the Position

Does your cover letter include the skills that are mentioned in the ad you are responding to? If you are reaching out to a prospective employer on a cold basis, you will need to demonstrate that you have firm grasp of the kinds of skills necessary for success in the position.

7. Make Sure Your Cover Letter Reflects Your Personality

You are not like anyone else on the planet, and your cover letter should be one of a kind, too. While it is a good idea to get ideas from books and other resources to help you write a cover letter, make sure that the finished product is entirely your own.

8. Use a “Show”, not “Tell” Technique

Rather than telling a potential employer about your accomplishments, be specific in your description. Use figures as appropriate to give the reader a clear sense of what you are trying to convey. It adds to your credibility and will make you stand out from other candidates.

9. End with a Clear Call to Action

Your application letter should end on a confident note, either asking the employer to contact you for an interview, or indicating that you will be getting in touch by a certain date. If you choose the latter option, make sure you call or e-mail as indicated to show that you are a reliable person.

10. Proofread Your Application Letter to Check for Spelling and Formatting Errors

Your message may be stellar, but it will get lost if there are spelling and/or formatting errors in your letter. Go through your text several times to check for anything that appears out of place before sending it to a potential employer.


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