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5 Annoying Things At The Workplace That Sheldon Cooper Has A Solution For

i don't care
Written by Faizan Patankar

Working in an office is nice but it can also be a bit annoying, especially when you don’t have everything just about right. And yes, I spend an awful lot of time getting my things right so someone interfering can be well annoying.

But there are 5 annoying things at most workplaces that I’ve come across and it is baffling that no one warns new employees about it. Anyways, in my classic investigative style (not in any way influenced by what I watch), I tried to find some solutions for annoying things at the workplace. I failed.

But I did unearth some work that Sheldon Cooper (from The Big Bang Theory… duh!) has done to solve those annoying things that take place at work.

1. Being told how the <insert useless object>could be made better

i don't care

This is top of the list. We all know of that one person who will always have a say in how anything could be made better. Now, if this was a product, service or something that your business sells, then that could be called an ‘idea’. But if it is someone saying how the floor tiles should have been off-white instead of white – that’s pretty useless.

Why discuss something you can’t change? It adds no value to the business proposition. I think Sheldon has taught us a lesson here.

Will it work? Depends…. how understanding is your HR?

2. Printing and forgetting

paper throw

I’ve seen this in almost every business I have worked in.

I am sure this has happened to anyone printing anything at some point… someone has too much time on their hands and prints off half the internet – but then forgets to collect it from the printer. What happens then? Far too many printed papers and there is a proper mess on the printer. Why is it annoying? Wastes money, wastes paper, harms the environment and usually involves a wasted trip to the printer because someone will have taken x number of sheets from my print out because… well, because we print too much and think too little.

One day, I will do what Sheldon did. And then quietly take my P45.

3. Hypothesizing every word


This is one of the few annoying things at the workplace that you’ve got to enjoy. When people hypothesize every word they say. For example, here’s a sentence: “My understanding is, having spoken to X, he believes that the software may be working in a way we don’t know”. This really brings a smile to my face…

What confidence can I show in a sentence like that? The more I listen to it, the less confidence I have in what I am hearing…and so, as Sheldon does, I think the best way to get rid of this annoying thing is to laugh it off.

4. Listening to an answer for a question you didn’t ask

stop listening

You go and ask someone a question. In response you get 3 more questions and an answer to something you didn’t even ask. I don’t get this. I love talking to people too, but when someone asks me a question, I answer that. Finish that conversation and then start a new one, if need be. You can’t answer a question by asking three further questions and going off topic.

Yes, you know what I am talking about.  Does Sheldon give a good Sheldon. Yes. Should you use it? Refer to question 1.

5. People who don’t read their emails

Yes, I hate this annoying thing at the workplace. People who don’t read their emails and then ask, what’s happening? Dude, you were informed about what’s going on in the office. It’s not like someone sent and email and left you off the list. Unless it’s your birthday, there is no surprise, and hence stop behaving like this. what is happening

Read your emails and if something is unclear, ask a specific question.

And those are the 5 annoying things at the workplace that bug most of us and Sheldon has kindly helped us figuring out the solutions.

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Please note: use of any of the solutions mentioned here is done at your own risk. Career Geek Blog doesn’t carry any responsibility of the consequences. If you do get sacked though, please let me know. I need a story for a humour post.

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