An Interview With Nick Newman, Founder and Champion of National Careers Week #NCW2015


National Careers Week (NCW) is a celebration of careers guidance and free resources in education across the UK. The aim is to provide a focus for careers guidance activity at an important stage in the academic calendar to help support young people leaving education.

National Careers Week 2015 runs from 2nd – 6th March 2015. Career Geek are the official blog partner of National Careers Week.


It’s not often I get to speak to the likes of Nick Newman, the man behind CareersBox and also the founder of National Careers Week. I am so grateful to Nick, for taking time out of his extremely busy schedule and giving us a written interview.

Faizan: Nick, as the main man, apart from all the other duties, what will you be doing for National Careers Week 2015?

Nick: I will be at the launch event on 2nd at CFC with Chelsea Academy and Nick BolesMP , Skills Minister.
The rest of NCW2015 will be spent on Twitter and with students!

Faizan: I remember coming across National Careers Week couple of years ago and that’s how I got to know you. What was it that made you start this great national week full of careers event?

Nick: I chose to set the NCW2015 ball rolling because of the demise of many Youth Services across the UK which severely impacts on students’ life chances – National Careers Week was a way to keep careers education and guidance alive in people’s’ minds.

Faizan: National Careers Week has been growing year on year for the past few years – in your view what is driving that growth?

Nick: The fact that it is a grass roots initiative is part of the answer, alongside the fact that careers as a subject matter brings people together – the goodwill that exists continues to astound me each year.

Faizan: What do you do apart from National Careers Week?

Nick: I promote quality careers media and try to champion the cause of quality careers education, information, advice and guidance wherever and whenever I can.

You can find Nick on twitter.

Thanks a lot for the interview Nick. To see more of what Nick does, you can visit CareersBox. National Careers Week has a lot of good ambassadors, find out who they are and what’s on during the National Careers Week.