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The Advantages of Studying in Amsterdam

If you’ve decided to pursue your higher education abroad but are worried about finding a new location to call home, we’ve got you covered.

Students prefer a diversified and relatively broad setting, but they also want to belong to a group.

Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital, yet it has a small-town charm to it and is one of the most popular abroad study locations for students.

In addition, it is quite friendly and accommodating, enabling everyone to represent themselves and communicate their thoughts. This trait is highly recommended for progression throughout academic courses.

People come to study in Amsterdam as it offers them numerous advantages including the ones mentioned below:

A Broad Range of Courses

To begin with, Amsterdam’s academic institutions offer a broad range of Undergraduate and Postgraduates courses in English, allowing everyone to enroll and grow professionally in the Netherlands.

Nonetheless, many international students choose to settle in Amsterdam after graduating and commence working right away.

Reputable and Well-Known Universities

People from all over the globe come to study international business, medical, humanities, and other fields due to the constant participation of world-renowned, top-ranked universities.

In comparison to other education systems, the Dutch education sector is more lenient in terms of academic obligations but more severe in terms of grading.

It’s tough to achieve good grades here, and there are fewer tasks than in other schools.

A Small Community with a Big Heart

Most people believe that Amsterdam is a small city, and although this may be true the sheer amount of activities that take place every day, especially during holidays, lead us to believe otherwise.

This location truly has everything for everyone. It accommodates exhibitions, events, and some of the world’s most recognizable businesses.

People also plan barbecues in some of the gardens, the most prominent of which is the Vondelpark.

A Warm and Welcoming Environment

Given the fact that Dutch people are more open-minded than the rest of the world, everyone must feel appreciated in Amsterdam.

The city, for instance, promotes every basic right, is multilingual, and is rich in diversity spectrum of ethnicities.

Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan and global city, making it simpler for expatriates to settle here and avoid the culture shock that they could encounter in other areas.

Menu options at eateries are usually written in English, and Bilingual television networks are readily available.

Student Accommodation Available at a Low Cost

Although you might just have to look for accommodation on your own, it will almost certainly be reasonable.

It’s also possible that you’ll be living with other foreign students, which can be both interesting and gratifying.

You could be eligible for a housing subsidy, which would help a lot.

Environmentally-Friendly Travel

Once you land in the Netherlands, you might be surprised at how many bicycles there are!

The majority of people in Amsterdam travel using a bicycle, which is both environmentally beneficial and convenient. There are several bike facilities and bikeways.

There are choices for renting bikes for a longer amount of time, which may be ideal given your transitory position as a student.

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