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Top 5 Steps To Follow When Looking To Advance Your Career

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Written by Richard White

If your boss thinks that you are not good enough to get a job done, there will be plenty of other people to replace you. However, if you are a career-oriented individual, you would obviously not wish to get replaced. But how do you become so valuable that your boss won’t want to lose you and you can advance your career at the same time? We are aware of the importance of going the extra mile and getting noticed if the work is done exceptionally well. Nothing extraordinary but with hard work and some smart tricks you can earn that big fat promotion.

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Let us find out how to become that smart guy your supervisor cannot work without.

1. Don’t highlight that ‘I know it’ attitude:

Even though you know you are bright and confident as a person, don’t get a big head. Always remember – people appreciate intelligent people but not those who are over-confident and have a know-it-all attitude. Being a leader does not mean assigning work to others. It means demonstrating your knowledge about the inner works of your organisation as well as your position. Do not flaunt your abilities, but offer help to your co-workers. Be knowledgeable, not overly smart. You may be considered educated if you quote Shakespeare, but not indispensable at a real estate job.

2. Expand your skill-set and continue to learn:

Challenge yourself at every step of your tasks for which you lack experience.

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Such challenges work as opportunities to help you grow on a personal level and develop new skills. If you fail, you still learn something, but if you excel, you are always getting better. This is the drive that will always make you get noticed by others.

Some companies offer continuous learning programs to enhance their employee values and ensure fidelity. If your organisation offers such programs, enrol yourself immediately as this will not only strengthen your skill-set, but also make you stay up-beat with current trends in the industry. Your efforts will surely get noticed by your boss. In addition, being a mentor yourself is always a good idea. Helping your colleagues improve their performance is an excellent way to demonstrate your collaborative leadership qualities.

3. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses:

Would your strengths be in focus only if you are given a promotion? Or do you lack the necessary strength to rise up the ladder of success? Take time to concentrate and improve on what you cannot do well. The truth is that if you do not deal with your difficulties now, it will become more difficult to overcome them and obtain a higher position in your career. Not only this, but your effort to overcome your weaknesses will definitely get identified by your boss.

4. Define your values:

The problem with the majority of people is that they easily place the task of determining their values in the hands of others.  Invariably they lose control over their skills and their experiences get translated into compensation. Demonstrate how your skills, working capabilities and expertise reflect your inner values.

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5. Don’t expect what you do not deserve:

Be honest with yourself. Do not expect a promotion without doing anything productive. You need to measure how much effort you are investing in your current job. Moreover, you need to realise whether you are continuously making an effort to get better. If you aren’t doing anything constructive to expand your skills, demonstrate your desire to learn and take additional responsibilities, it is quite unlikely that you will be rewarded with a promotion any time soon.

Every stage of your career is a new learning experience. The most effective way to propel yourself higher up the success ladder is to make yourself knowledgeable and embrace work experience.

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