Use These Action Words On Your CV To Describe Your Experience

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The success of any CV relies on its ability to describe the actions a candidate takes to perform their role and benefit their employer. And for this reason, verbs are hugely important. Verbs are quite literally words that describe actions, so it makes sense that employers value them greatly in a CV. CV writing service StandOut CV have put together the top 10 action words to include in your CV.

Some important verbs include:


Businesses face challenged and problems on a daily basis, so if you have the ability to resolve issues and rectify problems, employers will want to hire you.


Management skills are crucial in the workplace but are not just limited to people management. They also include time management, process management and stakeholder management.


Negotiation is often considered a sales tool but it can also be used to gain better deals from suppliers and greater budgets for projects etc.

For more actions words to include on your CV, see infographic below.
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