80% Done Is Still Better Than None

Faizan Patankar
Written by Faizan Patankar

I started my first blog when I was 17. I was writing even before I was good at English (my English still isn’t good enough). And since then, I’ve kept improving and writing about a lot of things. Finally now, I am settling down, in understanding what is it that I really like blogging about.

However, this post is not about what I like blogging about. I want to discuss my philosophy of writing, 80% done is still better than none.

Blogging is important for marketing on a shoestring budget

If you are running an online business or planning to start one, remember one thing – getting online is the simplest thing.

  • Selling the first item,
  • getting the first subscriber,
  • or getting the first 100 visitors to the site

is the harder bit.

I am running my second project now, Jobbuddy. And just like the first, I have no marketing budget for this.

And without marketing budget, the only way to reach out to people and be known about is through blogging.

Blogging is an incredibly powerful tool to build trust with users. Click To Tweet

I often suggest blogging to my friends who’ve jumped into the online business. And the first comment straight back is:

But I am not a good writer, and don’t know what to write about.

Writing is separate to blogging in my view

This can be controversial, but it is my opinion. I don’t put writing and blogging in the same category. An excellent writer wouldn’t necessarily make a good blogger and vice-versa.

If you follow the trend, new writers often have a marketing team who do the blogging for the writer (amongst other marketing activities). As a blogger I’ve come across numerous examples of this.

And similarly, great bloggers don’t go on to become best-selling writers. They are usually just known as reputed bloggers. So please do not think you’ve got to have a writer within you to blog about, nope.

To blog, you simply need the motivation to share something. It can either be:

  • share opinion about your product / service
  • share your experience about anything
  • comment about something in detail

80% done is still better than none

Right, when I’ve convinced my friends that they should blog. I hit the next famous comment,

I’ve written something but it’s not perfect. I might improve it tomorrow

Classic mistake of chasing perfection too soon. Remember, you are starting out on blogging. Like many things in life, you will learn from your mistakes and start learning about what works and doesn’t work.

If you are 80% happy with your work, get it out. It is still better than nothing. Click To Tweet

I actually apply that principle to a lot of my work on Jobbuddy. Get things out of the door quicker. You can continuously improve it over time.

So, remember when it comes to blogging or any other aspect of your business, 80% done is still better than none.

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