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6 CV Writing Tips For Graduates In Job Search

Written by StandOut CV

As a new graduate facing the job market, writing your first CV can be tough. With limited understanding of the job market and often little or no work experience, it’s difficult to know how exactly how to structure your CV and what information to include. To help you get a foot on the career ladder, CV writing service StandOut CV and graduate recruitment firm Inspiring Interns have created this visual guide showing you 6 essential graduate CV writing tips.

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Kick off your CV writing process with thorough research into the companies and roles you will be applying for. Find out exactly what skills and knowledge they require from candidates so that you can pack your CV with key terms that recruiters will be looking for.

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Another one of CV writing tips is to keep the format of your CV simple with a clean font and easily navigable structure – over-complicating the design will cause a headache for readers and distract them from the content of your CV. As a graduate you probably will not have a wealth of experience so be sure to include plenty of non-work activities such as voluntary work, university projects and personal projects like blog writing or sports teams. This will help you to display skills such as planning, organisation and teamwork. Sell yourself to employers by heading up your CV with a powerful personal statement that highlights all of your valued talents and remember to always include a persuasive cover note to ensure your CV is opened.

Top 6 CV writing tips summarised:

  • Keep it simple
  • Do your research
  • Create an instant impact
  • Compensate for your lack of work experience
  • Sell yourself
  • Expand on your interests

To read the top 6 CV writing tips see infographic below.


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