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6 Amazing Career Opportunities with a Masters in Global Accounting

Do you wish to pursue a postgraduate degree in accounting that can let you rise up to high ranking professional status right after graduation?

With a Masters in Global Accounting, you could pursue a lucrative career in one of the following positions:


Auditors are in charge of inspecting a company’s financial records and checks for accuracy and reliability. It is quite a respectable position wherein their role tends to vary depending on the company or the type of position they are currently entitled to.

Whether you are appointed in the internal, external, government, or forensic division, your basic responsibilities will typically include making sure that taxes are properly filed.

Occasionally, you may also delve into organizing and examining financial statements to comply with the laws.

Auditors are also known for making best-practice recommendations to the higher management of the company they ate working for.

Information and Technology Accountant

While working as an information and technology accountant, you will be accountable for maintaining the system your company uses to organise and report financial data.

This type of role requires knowledge in both accounting and information technology and is currently in high demand.

If you are someone who is a natural problem solver and interested in identifying technological solutions, this career is an absolute fit for you.

Financial Analyst

These professionals are experts at assessing the financial health of a business and help guide all of its investment decisions.

This professional role is highly-flexible as compared to many other accounting jobs and is appropriate for those interested in gathering data, financial modelling, maintaining spreadsheets, developing investment theses, communicating with investors and the management and forecasting.

Forensic Accountant

This career is one of the fastest growing jobs in the law enforcement sector that deals with the practice of investigating fraud. Forensic Accountants use their accounting skills like auditing to provide expert opinion on legal matters in a court of law.

You are expected to be extremely detail oriented while preparing reports, which will be further scrutinised in court by judges, attorneys and juries.

Managerial Accountant

Managerial accountants are accountable for planning and preparing financial reports for internal employees.

Their primary goal is to help high-level executives make informed and financially sustainable decisions.

On a typical day, these professionals carry out operation adapting and cost-based planning, forecasting, overseeing product processes, incremental costing and enterprise optimisation.

Corporate Controller

This is a high-level administrative position that will allow you to supervise an accounting department of a company and oversee high-level financial strategies.

A good grounding in business forecasting and tax management is vital if you want to become a corporate controller.

If you are interested in one of these six amazing career opportunities, you should consider applying for a Master’s degree in Global Accounting.

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